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  • Posts

    • Ted5395470
      Hello. I have .text, .data and .rdata of an executable under Windows. How can I generate valid .exe by adding PE headers? Manually filling in PE structure is difficult, as I don't know how to find EntryPoint, IAT and etc having only those segments. PS: It is a CrackMe.
    • Benten
      Hello Guys, I was wondering if you guys could point me to a pattern search similar to Yara pattern search (Eg. Pattern: 00 00 [5-6] ?? ?? FF) within X64DBG scripting, or may be someway to use that Yara pattern inside X64DBG scripting. Also is there by any chance could I set the $res1 to $res3 with subsequent search results (I mean $res = first result; $res1 = second result so on and so forth over a single pattern search). A way to get the results in an array, hope you got the idea. Why I need it perhaps you might ask; Well I was working on a randomized obfuscation code where the basic code is essentially the same but the random junk is different in each iteration. So conventional pattern searching is obviously not the way to go about this one. But I found Yara pattern search making some sense with it, that brought up the question.. Thank you all, you guys are amazing. Highest Regards, Ben
    • evilcry
      Not all traffic is e-mail based, this is common for quite simple and kiddish keyloggers.
      Usually keystrokes are sent to a C&C over HTTPS.
  • Blog Comments

    • Arttomov
      To Someone likes to solve crossword, somebody likes to play chess.
      I like RE because I need to strain my brain like when I solve a crossword, think and analyze like when I play chess. After every cracking, I get a moral satisfaction, I'm happy with my success, success in cracking my friends.
      I'm glad when I receive a message from the developers, where they are grateful for cracking  of their program and promise to eliminate the hole in the protection of the program in the next release.
      I thank everyone who writes articles about RE, makes tutorials, new tools, shares my knowledge with others.
    • abdelhamid
      am just a beginner , and believe me... Reverse Engineering is taking a huge part in my personal life
      i wanna be that professional cracker ! programmer , i need to learn more and more
      i won't stop what am doing because i love it ! from deep of my heart
      this is not just a hobby for me , its a way of thinking .
  • File Comments

  • Image Comments

    • Copyright - Good text to fill extra space.
      I archived a copy, nice work.
      Cinema4D has some excellent tools.
      Smudge borders, add fine shadows, fisheye 3% to 6% the subject of image/off center, blur 7%, Sharpen 12% in small areas and a few highlights can take an average image to professional quality.
      Alien Effects is a great plugin for doing logos.

    • which is why its recommended to change its name... sigh