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    • LCF-AT
      Hi, and what does it mean for me?Whats click event?I dont have something to enable in WinASM etc.Otherwise this method is also bad because you can't do any good selection if you need it.The best method is really that method the Everything tool does use by selecting all by clicking on outline of edit control.Would really like know how to make that happen.Maybe anyone of you coders could check that out how it works.Just look at the animation I did post above.It works pretty nice and look beautiful. Just a must have feature in my opinion.Just don't know how to make it. greetz
    • NOP
      I use Delphi and have done similar using the click event...   procedure TtestFrm.EditBox1Click(Sender: TObject); begin EditBox1.SelectAll; end; procedure TtestFrm.EditBox2Click(Sender: TObject); begin EditBox2.SelectAll; end;   Test.rar
    • LCF-AT
      Hi, so if you did work already on something lke that from A-Z, did you also release anything yet?Or do you have anything else you can convert to MASM style (or making a static lib)?I think something like that must be already out there.In that case I could use it for my apps and dont need to care about that exception log stuff by myself anymore and could sleep much better you know.  Seems to to be tricky to handle all manually and thats why I also was asking for anything else I could use in my Apps which is already working good like using that crashrpt thing but no idea how to use it in my case. Ok, so you mean I have to check for "guarded pages" = just checking / reading from allowing status after calling VQuery with yes? One more question about my code you can see so far.So did you see anything the set Handler function could be NOT called?As I told before already, few days before my app did just exit by itself after running hours and my exceotion log did nothing log (also created no file) BUT in WIndows log I saw the exception AVio info from my app from unknwon module.Why did Windows got it and my Handler not?So is it possible that the used AddVectoredExceptionHandler function with my Handler routine could be removed by anything else?What about kernel / user modes?Could the exception happen somehow there and not calling my Handler routine after?Not sure how to exlain it but fact is that my Handler routine wasnt callled in case of a excption what makes me really wonder to think that using the AddVectoredExceptionHandler function isnt maybe the best method to catch really ALL exceptions if any does happen. greetz
    • evlncrn8
      was working on something similar in work, its tricky to say the least, esp as you havent handled guarded pages yet, which throw an exception on first touch, then remove the guarded page attribute, so 'touching' the memblock will reset the value, do the virtualquery, if it guarded, regard it as 'leave the fk alone', otherwise process like you do for page_readwrite and so on... you've only hit the tip of the iceberg and it gets pretty messy but the best advice i can give is to save the status of the page first, do what you need to, isbadreadptr etc, then set it back to what it was, which sounds easy until you hit multithreading, where you'll need to incorporate a spinlock in your handler... tedious, annoying, but once done, rewarding, good luck
    • whoknows
      Brave, the false sensation of privacy ebin.city/%7Ewerwolf/posts/brave-is-shit/
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