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  2. Check this out: https://www.ronsplace.eu/Products/RonsWEBLynx
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  4. LCF-AT

    Listview issues

    Hi kao, a come on, I made some beautiful pics to show and see that problem right. Thank you for checking out my problem and sending the solution for it.I tried it out and it seems to work 1A now. I did't remember that LVN_MARQUEEBEGIN notification anymore and I was just checking my Win32 Programmer Reference where its not included.All in all problem solved so far.Thank you again kao.By the way, this selection start (bounding box (marquee)) can only just begun from that outside listview location (see image 1 I made) after the created columns right?Or is it also possible to do this
  5. great thank you for the info!
  6. kao

    Listview issues

    Hell, no! That description was horrible. To be able to help you, one needs to see the code that's not working and know exactly what you're doing and what you're trying to achieve. As always, I shall refer to the classics: https://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/bugs.html#showmehow Given the description, I can only try to *guess* what you meant, what you did and what you need. So, I guess that this might solve your problem: 1) LVN_MARQUEEBEGIN will notify you that listview selection is starting. When you get this notification, you set some global flag; 2) Now when you get
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  8. LCF-AT

    Listview issues

    Hi guys, I have a small question about listview and handling of WM_NOTIFY / NM_CLICK.So NM_CLICK seems to work when I let the left mouse button up.All normal so far but I get a problem when I do use the select mode with the mouse (pressing left mouse button and move now and then let up).In this case the NM_CLICK gets also triggered with enabled mouse selection.Hhmm! Example: I have a listview with 6 column and in the last one (6) I do catch NM_CLICK message to toggle On/Off a image.All working so far.Now I do move the last column to let side to make it smaller and to see the rest of
  9. Hi guys, so normaly I just use browser bookmark itself without any addon for that task and its fine so far.The question I have now is how can I update specific bookmarks simple & fast? Example: Lets say you do check diffrent webpages / forums etc all few days / weeks and you wanna bookmark the last locations you did visit/check the last time (just talking about sites you are NOT a member etc).In this case you can do this manually by selecting the specific post X and copy the link and paste this into a txt file etc and next time you can copy/paste into browser but this is pretty l
  10. Photopea (free alternative to Photoshop, online) - runs completely in your computer (after Photopea.com loads, you can disconnect from the internet and use it offline) - yeah old shit www.photopea.com/ www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/i8j5te/i_made_a_free_alternative_to_photoshop_that_is/g18ush0/ Clubhouse data leak: 1.3 million user records leaked online cybernews.com/security/clubhouse-data-leak-1-3-million-user-records-leaked-for-free-online/ Squirrelbyte - a SQLite-based JSON document server squirrelbyte.com/ Alibaba slapped with record $2.7B antitrust fine www.zdnet
  11. Example code just to get you started: using (var module = ModuleDefMD.Load(args[0])) { foreach (var type in module.GetTypes()) { foreach (FieldDef field in type.Fields) { // this will change all byte[] field values to my own. Make sure to fix the `if`!!! if (field.HasFieldRVA && field.InitialValue != null) { byte[] fake = new byte[] { 0x6B, 0x61, 0x6F }; // it'
  12. ella

    Make Your Own Packer

    Hi, Can u make advance packer ?
  13. hi, nice collection, thanks
  14. thank you so far ,) i want to know how to change the value of a byte[] with dnlib ... in assembly there is i.e this code : byte[] data = { 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 }; and i want to know how i can replace the array with my own values with dnlib or similar i hope i could explain it better now
  15. If you are meaning to modifying the byte array in some assemblies just use FileStream https://stackoverflow.com/a/3217953/8902883
  16. maybe he wants to patch an existing array of bytes in some assembly ? using a hex editor ?
  17. Yes, we saw your previous topic, thank you. Honestly, I can't understand what you're trying to do. Perhaps you could explain it in more details ?
  18. zdox

    x64dbg character issues

    check this https://github.com/x64dbg/x64dbg/issues/2602
  19. Can you ├╝lease help me with some code snippet or example on how to change a byte[] with dnlib or other libs ? thanks
  20. schoolboy

    x64dbg character issues

    I did update to x64dbg then these characters seem to have a problem with all characters corrupt as seen in the picture but what? https://prnt.sc/118j59v I did an upload again here:https://sourceforge.net/projects/x64dbg/files/snapshots/ the problem continues.
  21. Peter Ferrie

    The PE - Header

    This might be worth adding somewhere: Every potentially executable field in a PE header (http://pferrie.epizy.com/misc/tiny/pehdr.htm)
  22. Hi whoknows, thanks for that hint about using "old" site of reddit.I can get more in time but its also limited and I can not check all posts.I also tried to use the search function and checking the found results and here I got the same problem....just showing results of few days and thats it.Total stupid!Next problem are the color themes which are looking diffrent with old and without old and also to disable the dark mode it does show all in dark color.What a fornication!I really don't know what the problem is, maybe I'am too old school or whatever. Also the search and filter functio
  23. Hi all Anyone have clue where i can get invite for this site? (https://gamesense.pub)
  24. I think the new GUI introduced ~1yr ago, sucks 100% -- browse @ old.reddit.com/
  25. Hi guys, small question today.I was checking out some channels on reddit and see that the posts are shown just by scrolling down page by page etc and it seems to go on endless but after a while it does just stop and dosen't popup more older posts and there seems to be any kind of limit.My question now is: How to scroll more back in time to show more older posts and how to set some kind of markers then?Lets say I do check out posts of few weeks/months and few days later I wanna check go on from the old position where I did stopped.How to do that?There are no single pages like on blogs or f
  26. The Edges of Our Universe arxiv.org/abs/2104.01191 This is the final motherfornicationing website perfectmotherfornicationingwebsite.com/ A free/libre COBOL compiler gnucobol.sourceforge.io/ FDA approves first test of CRISPR to correct genetic defect causing sickle cell disease news.berkeley.edu/2021/03/30/fda-approves-first-test-of-crispr-to-correct-genetic-defect-causing-sickle-cell-disease/ -- wtf!! New generation of webcam? www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMxr8Nq-w_w Fly - Docker without Docker fly.io/blog/docker-without-docker/ How a Carnivorous Mus
  27. Kaboom.js is a zero-dependency declarative JavaScript game library kaboomjs.com/ Learning COBOL monadical.com/posts/cobol.html Signal Adds Cryptocurrency Support www.schneier.com/blog/archives/2021/04/wtf-signal-adds-cryptocurrency-support.html skruv - small JS framework skruv.io/
  28. Xyl2k

    EMV Softwares

    no channel, just a guy and insignificant as it's just my own research after a chittalk.
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