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  3. yes. however, you should use a critical-section or something similar, because otherwise there is always a small chance you get unlucky and end up with a collision again. But the code you posted should as-is make this very very rare, yes. Test it and see if it works.
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  5. Hi again, so you mean if I wanna use that attach - freeconsole functions then I should execute that function loop ONLY ONCE at this time to prevent that overlapping I told beofre yes? Example: .data THREDEXERUNS dd FALSE Thread Proc createprocess stuff ...... .while THREDEXERUNS == TRUE invoke Sleep,500 <--- others have to wait a half second in loop .endw mov THREDEXERUNS, TRUE <--- Set Lock invoke AttachConsole,PI.dwProcessId <-- PID invoke SetConsoleCtrlHandler,NULL,TRUE <-- No PID invoke GenerateConsoleCtrlEvent,CTRL_C
  6. So it occurred to me you are probably using it to dump some stream. And in that case the cntrl+c thing is indeed legitimate. A process can only be attached to one console at a time, if you have several threads try to cntrl+c different windows, they will collide and weird things happen. So you need a global lock / mutex so that only one thread at a time does the AttachConsole dance. If you pm me your streamdumping command or whatever it is you do with ffmpeg, i can try to make it work next weekend.
  7. Tach deep, why do you doubt that deep?Above you can see the functions I use to send CTRL+C command.So it takes a little while til the console process get closed (few seconds) but I think it does it with that cleanup.Ok, so you mean I shouldnt use CMD.exe itself anymore and just using TerminateProcess.I also thought about that but could be maybe to rough specially if something gets written on disk.Or what do you think? So I have these goals. - starting multible commandline tools instances from one main process (GUI) = Working using CreateProcess function - A) Getting control
  8. g2zer0

    Eazfuscator.NET 2020.3

    how can i determine the version of Eazfuscator which has been used to obfuscate a program?
  9. There is a difference, as programs can handle cntrl+c as they wish (including performing cleanup before terminating, or simply ignoring it). But I doubt your cmd-ffmpeg combo is doing that. If you just want to kick off a conversion and kill it if it takes too long, then the simplest solution imo is to ignore consoles and cmd and whatnot, and just use CreateProcess to launch ffmpeg with arguments directly and TerminateProcess it if it takes too long. if you really need to write to its stdin or log its stdout, you can do that (check CreateProcess documentation). As so often, though, I
  10. Hi, I want to start a thread to collect root-cause-analysis of vulnerabilities. I am aiming for detailed writeups of real vulnerabilities in real software, preferably in native code. This first post is going to be a bit of a mess, and I will include a bunch of interesting posts that are not technically root-cause-analysis, but I will be more clean in the future. Of course everyone is invited to join in. First a few famous blogarchives full of good content: A whole BUNCH of rootcause analysis by google project zero: https://googleprojectzero.githu
  11. Hi guys, so I'am still fighting to find a method to run/start multible CMD apps (starting works) and to send a CTRL_C_EVENT into every single started CMD app if I want to do that. Maybe I start with a question about that CTRL_C_EVENT command.Normaly I am using it to tell the CMD window to stop the running CMD app.My question in this case is whether there is any diffrent between using the CTRL_C_EVENT and/or using a EXIT call (maybe taskmanager / kill process of CMD/app)?So I think to send a CTRL_C_EVENT is a more better solution than using a hard process kill but is there a diffrent?
  12. Intel Simics® Public Release Preview https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/30403/Intel-Simics-Public-Release-Preview
  13. Reverse engineered the Bose iOS app and rebuilt it for Mac www.boze.app/ news.ycombinator.com/item?id=27034904 Verizon selling Yahoo and AOL for 5b www.nytimes.com/2021/05/03/business/verizon-aol-yahoo-sale.html vs Microsoft bids $44.6 billion to buy Yahoo (2008) www.reuters.com/article/us-microsoft-idUSWNAS894220080201 Clodl: Turn dynamically linked ELF binaries into self-contained closures github.com/tweag/clodl VGA ROM Fonts http://www.alexandrugroza.ro/microelectronics/essays-research/vga-rom-fonts/index.html Office 365 leaking BCC domain name www.red
  14. Xyl2k

    EMV Softwares

    At first it was just about one harmful program, but the more i digged the more i found these, in the end i ended-up building a list with corresponding hashes and what does they looks like. one can datamine the files to build a landscape, find similarities, dates, graph the thing, find more, etc.. i haven't yet tried to do it. kinda what i did for global atm malware wall with http://atm.cybercrime-tracker.net/
  15. HostageOfCode

    EMV Softwares

    What is the point of this thread I don't understand?
  16. r0ger

    GfX by r0ger

    another new keygen template i've made , with a new aboutbox effect ripped from a Camtasia Studio keygen by tPORt. i initially started this keygen template on 6th april (formerly named as KeygenTemp22...) , and weeks ago i had GDI handle leaks because i've mistakenly created the new font in the middle of the rendering thread. plus i needed to add sizes to UNK variables in order to loop correctly without crashing (with number 3FFh on unk_420454 variable, it crashed after the whole scroller ended). now it works without weird bugs and GDI handle leaks , i left the aboutbox running for around
  17. Indonesian hackers arrested over $60 million US Covid-19 scam msn.com/en-us/news/world/indonesian-hackers-arrested-over-60-million-us-covid-19-scam/ar-BB1fIjeS Will Linux Phones stay around this time? linmob.net/will-linux-phones-stay-around-this-time/ Turn GitHub into an RSS Reader github.com/osmoscraft/osmosfeed EmuTOS: A Free OS for computers based on M68K processors including the Atari ST emutos.sourceforge.io/ Edward Snowden at Private Investment Club Zoom Meeting - April 24th 2021 www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hv3UC4lz3oQ Readme.so – Easiest Way to Create a m
  18. T-rad

    Delphi to VB6 code conversion

    VB6 is not 0 based ( per the' i' starting with 1, not 0 in the for loop), therefore this will not work code = code & Chr(Asc(Mid(Text1.Text, i + 1, 1)) + i + Len(Text1.Text) + Asc(Mid(enc, (i mod 7), 1)) + 48) it will have to be something more like this like this providing the rest works code = code & Chr(Asc(Mid(Text1.Text, i, 1)) + (i - 1) + Len(Text1.Text) + Asc(Mid(enc, (i mod 7), 1)) + 48) also the Delphi code reads Code := Char (AL) + Code ; so shouldn't the vb6 code read code = Chr(Asc(Mid(Text1.Text, i, 1)) + (i - 1) + Len(Text1.Text) + Asc(Mid(enc, (
  19. Make your own mini-site that uses iframes then and load each site you want in each of the iframes.
  20. Yawn... These vulns are all old news. Many more worse ones left unpatched!
  21. Hi, not really what I'am looking for.So it does just open another windows. 1.) I just wanna get shown all tabs I have open at once like larger thumbnails to get a good overview of all open/pinned etc tabs.In best case with live update. 2.) I wanna have same function for players.If you visit any page with video/stream content then you can see it on their site or you can press that button of Firefox etc to get a new player to see where the stream/video does play into (not sure how the function is called).Somehow the browser does pipe the stream to browser build in player etc and y
  22. There are extensions for this, such as: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tab-resize-split-screen-l/bkpenclhmiealbebdopglffmfdiilejc
  23. Computer scientists discover new vulnerability affecting computers globally Date: April 30, 2021 A team of University of Virginia School of Engineering computer science researchers has uncovered a line of attack that breaks all Spectre defenses, meaning that billions of computers and other devices across the globe are just as vulnerable today as they were when Spectre was first announced. The team reported its discovery to international chip makers in April and will present the new challenge at a worldwide computing architecture conference in June. The researchers, led by Ashish
  24. Hi guys, I have few questions about tabs in browser and how to view them (Firefox / Chrome).So I would like to see all tabs I have open in browser at once in a new tab.If I remember right then in earlier versions of Firefox it was possible or?In settings I can see something to setup to show important sites and visited site etc but I wanna get shown just all sites / tabs I have open in browser.Lets say I have 5 tabs open then I would like to get see all those 5 tab pages all at once.You know what I mean?Is that doable or do I need any extensions for that? Another similar question.I al
  25. kao

    GfX by r0ger

    To fix the crash, comment out these 2 lines: mov eax, dword_4085AB mov TextLength, eax But in general, about box is a bad code and/or badly ripped. For example, it leaks GDI handles all the time. Just open about box and wait for ~5 minutes - it will max out GDI handle limit (as you can see in Process Explorer). Once the limit is reached and you close About Box, UI elements in main window will f*ck up and other weird stuff will happen. I could probably fix all that - but I'd rather work with the original code and rip it out of EXE myself. @r0ger:
  26. r0ger

    GfX by r0ger

    New keygen template with a new aboutbox effect ripped from one of tPORt's keygens . EDiT [ o3 . o5 . 2o21 ] : Now the aboutbox is now bug-fixed and recoded , see the attachment below for some info and for new aboutbox. btw this aboutbox was used more often in tPORt's keygens, the ones from late-2004 to mid-2006. (Was used also in a Shuric Scan patcher) no keygen algo is included. xm by Drozerix (edited by me for this keygen template) KeygenTemp26Updated.zip
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