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  3. My issues happen while using the editor properly. Doesn't have to be via copy/pasting into it. It can be just editing a post that was already made, or while creating a post, going back and adding or removing part of what you typed can cause massive issues. Especially if the post contains any type of code formatting, it seems to happen much more often then.
  4. Practical Android Debugging via KGDB Ted.
  5. @atom0s refer to number seventeen regarding BBCode... It's probably best to select "remove formatting" when copying and pasting content to the editor then use the editors built-in features for formatting. I have no idea if there are other supported editors that can be used with IPB. I'll make a note to have a look this weekend when I have some free time... Ted.
  6. Hi. No. EP is not a interest for me since one year ago. But i guess if you know how to do the feature could be added to any script easy.
  7. Hi @GIV Can your script handle Enigma Online Registration? I found 2 differences for unpacking Enigma. First one is how to reach OEP and second one is how to bypass online registration. Salam.
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  9. Remember Me AP Skin + psd

    Version all


    here sample
  10. Sure. I have the scripts for version 5.xx back from 2014 (if i recall correct) written by myself based on public info and personal research, with some small parts taken from LCF-AT script (to avoid double work) where was the case, and yes i have a personal license for one of my software too (but is .NET so is not a great loss for me because for .NET platform the EP is next to nothing for protection). I have told the EP guys that is a bug regarding a XP issue of their software for .NET files, make a clear example (bug which scared many of my customers), and their reply was that they know and the bug will be solved. For 9 months of my subscription and some released versions the bug is still there. And they raises the prices now. lol Maybe is not a wise ideea to show them how to bring in the knees the protector but small parts can be shown.
  11. Was thinking exactly the same thing ol' friend Was mulling over the idea of releasing a couple of detailed tuts on unpacking the latest v5.xx versions in the coming weeks ! I also felt that that the Enigma guys were getting too cocky ! P.S : I do have the licensed versions of Enigma for my company. So in a way not a very wise step for me to release details on how to crack the protections but then again, feel that the Enigma guys should get not be getting too cocky either !
  12. The scripts are updated but not available for public since the first release of the 5.xx version and updated to latest version (5.5). I see that the price for the protector raised from 149 to 199 USD. Maybe release of a unpack script will make the authors rethink their price policy.
  13. I'm not sure if it widely known. I meet the problem and want to share it to warn everyone. Almost none of .NET tools (unpackers, deobfuscators) will not work on Windows 10. Why? I don't know. I had long fighting with .NET Reactor (4.8-4.9) packed assembly, tried all modifications of de4dot which I could find over internet, and also manual unpacking. Every de4dot give me Hmmmm... something didn't work without any trace. SAE Deobfuscator simply freeze at half of process. DeObfuscatorWin32 won't run at all. I don't know if it is OS dependent problem, or .NET version installed (I have 4.5-4.6.1 installed) but that it is, I fought with it until I simply tried it on Windows 7 and de4dot modified by kao worked just brilliantly. Tough MegaDumper worked fine (I guess, at least there some assemblies appeared in Dump folder, I'm not sure if they are valid).
  14. More or less a suggestion, not sure what IPB offers anymore since I rather hate them as a company entirely.. but is there a way to add another editor as an option to use for making posts? The current one is total trash and is constantly messing up while making large posts and trying to add/remove BBCode and such. Often times things break entirely and land up deleting the entire post, especially if you use code boxes in the post. The more edits you make the worse it gets. It would be great to even have a raw editor that shows the bbcode rather than a 'live-preview' mode like the current editor.
  15. You are never going to stop hackers from messing with and manipulating your game. That is something you are going to really need to put your mindset to when working on your game and how you design it. It is extremely important that you understand what should and should not be handled by the server, and what should and should not be handled by the client. Ideally, you are going to basically want everything to be done on the server and the game client doing nothing but being a visual representation of the data being sent to it. Small checks and balances can happen in the client to help reduce stress on the server, but the server needs to be the master of data and computations that affect the game world. Here are some examples of what I mean: Using Items / Skills When the client attempts to use an item, it should be a request to the server asking 'can I use this item?'. The server should handle all validations on the request, the client should not have any say in the matter. When the client sends the "item use" request, the server should be validating multiple things, such as: Does the player even have the item being requested for use? Does the player meet all proper requirements to use the item? (Level, Class/Job restrictions, etc.) Is the item locked or within a container that the item can be used from? The server should then send a response if the player was able to use the item or not. At this point there could be a cooldown to prevent the item from being used again for a period of time. This is where you could have a limit in the client, a delay to prevent the client from spamming that same request again until the delay is gone in the client. However, it is important that if the delay is bypassed, that the validation is still happening entirely on the server to prevent the user from using the item more than once etc. Selling Items To Vendors A popular method of duplicating items or selling things more than once is using lag while selling items to a vendor. It is vital that your game client is validating the data being sent to the server when the player attempts to sell an item to the vendor. Keeping track of things such as by a slot index, item id (unique to the item itself in the players inventory), timestamps and such are all helpful in terms of preventing spam selling the same item. It is also important to have checks on the server to ensure things such as: Does the player even have the item they are trying to sell? Does the item being sold match what the server thinks is in the players inventory at the given slot? Is the item even sellable? Is the item locked in some manner from being sold, moved, etc out of the players inventory. Skill Cooldowns Another popular type of hack is hacking skill cooldowns and usage on Korean type of MMOs. There is often a huge lack of security in terms of validating the players attempt to use the skill. You need to be sure to check that the user has the skill, is able to use it at the current time (ie. restrictions in zone, area, level, race/class/job, etc.) as well as if other requirements are met, such as MP/HP costs, item requirements etc. Damage / Attacking Entities The client should request to do something and have the server validate if its ok. The client should never be telling the server what to do without any checks in place. When a player attacks an enemy everything involving that attack request should be validated by the server. Is the player close enough to hit the enemy? Is the target even able to be attacked? Is the attack type being performed valid for the player? Absolutely no calculations for damage or battle should be done on the client. The server should be performing all of the calculations for combat. Overall your ideal situation is to create a protocol where the client requests to do things, and the server validates it and responds with yes/no type responses. There are situations where you will not be able to fully do this, such as movement. It is extremely intensive to sync every clients movement position in the world and ensure that they are not hacking/speed hacking/teleporting/warping etc. It is very resource intensive to do and is often where a lot of games do not have many restrictions. But it does not mean its impossible to detect or to prevent. You can (fairly easily) predict movement within your game world and determine if the players previous position is within a valid range of movement to their next location. You can also setup hidden zones on the server that can detect and check for large movement jumps or major adjustments in speed that are uncommon for your control system. One big thing to keep in mind as well is, for MMORPGs, is that people are mostly going to be botting. Replicating game play to do things over and over automatically is the biggest thing you are going to be dealing with. Targeted hacking such as trying to change HP/MP, gold amounts, items etc. are less common if the game is well programmed as those types of things are not going to be possible. You're going to have to keep an eye out for exploits, more or less due to shortcuts in code that cause unexpected results when something happens etc. Ultimately, it is all depending on what you are trying to protect from and how things are coded in your game. If you want to go into specifics, I can ask more specific questions about your game and give you feedback based on it. But the bottom line is no matter how good of an anti-cheat you make/get, it will only be as good as the underlying code is to protect from things that get around it. Think of it as putting a bandaid over an open wound. You are not fixing the problem, but just putting a layer between the elements (in this case, hackers) and the problem. It is vital that your game is coded in a way it deters hacking from the start. I hack MMOs for a living and have a pretty good amount of experience with a large amount of games both western and eastern from various countries. I've seen a vast amount of different ways developers try to protect from things as well as anti-cheat systems used to attempt to automatically detect cheaters. I code programs that do a various number of things from simple tasks such as automating key presses and monitoring in-game stats to use items like potions and such automatically, all the way to more in-depth hooks that take advantage of exploits, flaws in various systems, packet injection, etc. I am more than willing to share my knowledge if you have any questions.
  16. @Perplex Well, this goes a bit beyond the scope of your initial question. Anyway, I had some free minutes and prepared a really basic Win32 project to start with. Here it is. TitanUpdate.Test.rar Again, this is not a perfect configuration, but it should compile fine at your end too. Regards, Tony
  17. @tonyweb Are you have TitanEngine sample with VS2015? I can't import static lib error in my side (Error LNK2019 unresolved external symbol __imp__AddNewSection referenced in function _main)
  18. That's right. TLS callbacks are called very early in the loading process. Maybe not all things are initialized at this point. This depends on loading order e.g. of DLL's, etc. You should not do there any "big" things inside a TLS Callback. It's nearly the same kind of problems as you should not do extensive things in DllMain().
  19. I needed to C++ library for Reading/Writing PE (adding section / changing icon / changing version) which library is better (stable)?
  20. Any update on the scripts?
  21. Hi, thanks for your answer.So I tried this API you did suggest with the struct but the API just always fails ONLY if I do use ComboBoxEx32 class.If I change it to ComboBox then the API get successfully called and struct gets filled.So the problem is really the class name I do use ComboBoxEx32.Something must be strange with it or maybe WinASM makes any trouble or something.Just a example,I did add a combobox control in WinASM resources window (didnt use CreateWindowEx API this time) and now I let show the style window then I can see almost all style infos I can enable / disable but I need to use this ComboBoxEx32 class and if I enter this class name into the resources.... CONTROL "",IDC_COMBOBOX,"ComboBox",0x52210003,37,306,300,46,0x00000000 change to CONTROL "",IDC_COMBOBOX,"ComboBoxEx32",0x52210003,37,306,300,46,0x00000000 ....and open now again the style window to see all styles then I only see just a few from WS_CHILD til WS_TABSTOP and all others below have no names anymore... ...not sure whether this could be a problem later on compiling the file.Somehow this class is not registered maybe or whatever / no idea. So as I said I need to use the EX32 version to use COMBOBOXEXITEMA struct in my code and now I found that strange handle issue if I use EX32 combo class.WindowFromPoint dosent return the same combox handle I get from GetDlgItem API & from WM_NOTIFY (hwndFrom).Thats the strange thing. So till now I wrote the code to this to get it work what I want.... .elseif uMsg == WM_NOTIFY mov edi, lParam mov eax,(NMHDR ptr [edi]).hwndFrom .if eax == COMBOBOX_HANDLE && DISABLE_FOCUS == 0h mov edi, eax invoke GetFocus .if eax != edi invoke SetFocus,edi .endif .endif .if DISABLE_FOCUS == 0h invoke GetCursorPos,addr LP invoke WindowFromPoint, LP.x, LP.y .if eax != 0h mov edi, eax .if edi == LISTVIEW || edi == LISTVIEW2 invoke GetFocus .if eax != edi invoke SetFocus,edi .endif .endif .endif .endif ...looks a little stupid but its working.Just need to disable focus if any messagebox is called / shown and on WM_SIZE too. greetz
  22. The normal combobox is made up of the combo control, a list control and an edit control. Each have their own handles, which can be obtained with the GetComboBoxInfo function ( Not sure if the ComboBoxEx32 version has something similar, but if it does, then if you use this function (or the equivalent for it) to get the handles of all the controls that the combobox is comprised of, then you can check to see if the current handle is equal to one of them. So hopefully that helps or points you in the right direction.
  23. Like I said, the way you are linking is preventing it from working properly. The CRT is loaded after TLS callbacks occur when you statically link to it. Meaning the calls and data you are trying to use are not ready yet. When you link dynamically to it, things are loaded as they are requested so you can use them anywhere. If you want to keep things portable, you need to avoid using CRT specific calls (for example in your case wprintf) within the TLS callback. You shouldn't be doing things like that in a TLS callback anyway, it is used to initialize data.
  24. MGtuRUYwYUhLQThSV1E3WktXV2tUUT09
  25. try another harder one then and try not to pat yourself on the back too much
  26. Hello i am new to this forum just wanted to say that and i cracked the code in 5 min it is easy
  27. The actual problem (most likely) is that you're using functions from MS CRT library - which gets initialized by code at EXE entrypoint. During TLS callback it's not initialized yet.
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