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  2. Kurapica

    Flare-On 7

    don't brute-force it, and forget about the crypto function, it's all in the function which does the shifting A pseudo code would look like Local $flxmdchrqd = DllStructCreate("struct;byte[54];byte[" & $flvburiuyd - 54 & "];endstruct", DllStructGetPtr($flnfufvect)) Local $Counter = 1 ;first Loop >> For $dummy = 1 To DllStructGetSize($lowerCompName) Local $flydtvgpnc = 0 ;second loop For $LoopCounter = 6 To 0 Step -1 $flydtvgpnc += BitShift(BitAND(Number(DllStructGetData($flxmdchrqd, 2, $Counter)), 1), -1 * $LoopCounter)
  3. github.com/danielkrupinski/VAC
  4. ritalin_

    Moving to open systems?

    @Teddy Rogers @vikash Yo Teddy, I hope you know about these beings: John C Lilly elaborates on his experience and communication with ECCO and his concept alternity in an Interview by Judith Hooper Jan 1983 Omni Magazine. OMNI Can you explain what you mean by experiencing hyperspace from within? Lilly Wheeler's hyperspace also is known as a "nonlocal reality." Each of a pair of photons coming from an atom knows immediately what the other is doing, no matter how far away from each other they are. You can assume the existence of tachyons -- faster-than-light particle
  5. Yesterday
  6. Info: https://www.reddit.com/r/windowsxp/comments/iz46du/the_windows_xp_source_code_has_been_leaked_on/ Most of the torrent includes previous leaked data/files. But now claims to include the full source to Windows XP (looks like SP1 based on pics people have posted). If you plan to download this (42gig torrent) I'd seriously recommend a VPN.
  7. ritalin_

    Moving to open systems?

    Calling Lord Satan, This is very serious. The Government are running the scene......Github and RE must be protected in the future...........
  8. ECX

    Flare-On 7

    Can you give me more tips. Thank you.
  9. H1TC43R

    Uefi Bios backdoor

    I managed to get another device and am starting to get somewhere, i have the SAM and SYSTEM files from both units all that needed to be done was Just open the Command Prompt as Administrator, and then run the following commands: reg save HKLM\SAM C:\sam reg save HKLM\SYSTEM C:\system Or you can change the directory to what you want to save the files too. I also found 2 ways to activate the hidden users so now when i start the machine it asks which user i want to use, it also works with signing out and signing back in with another account 1st way was to rege
  10. ritalin_

    Moving to open systems?

    Alot of russian carders changed paths from old vbulletin forums , espcially after Alphabay I want another McVeigh to bomb the annoying bugs in the internets ecosystem...Obviously better p2p systems will come along (e.g: magnets and bt2.0 and a NEW FREENET especially with free internet coming in 100 years?
  11. ECX

    Flare-On 7

    Hello, Can someone give me a little tip for CodeIT. I deobfuscated code and i understand how the app works ( more or less) Thanks for any help. Cheers.
  12. I know, thanks for your efforts, Tuts 4 You is an import source (a GO-TO place for safe download of plugins,...) of the RE community. The download statistics and plugin browsing with plugin description are both useful.
  13. whoknows

    Amnesia: The Dark Descent-src

    Thieves Guild: a BBS Game pascal-src github.com/Kirkman/mythyn-archive
  14. Last week
  15. GetAsyncKeyState GetKeyboardState GetKeyState To name a few.
  16. They also open sourced: Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs HPL1 Engine (and their custom OpenAL wrapper) Penumbra Overture https://github.com/FrictionalGames
  17. google.com/search?q=GetWindowsTextA+GLOBAL+HOOK
  18. store.steampowered.com/app/57300/Amnesia_The_Dark_Descent/ github.com/FrictionalGames/AmnesiaTheDarkDescent
  19. thanks for your reply but im looking for an APIwindows like GetWindowsTextA ... is there ?
  20. global hook github.com/sq/NDexer/blob/master/Hotkey.cs
  21. im looking for an APIwindows that get a character of keyboard immediate? means the character get immedaitely after pressing its key on keyboard
  22. NOP

    How can Analyze Anti cheat system?

    What language is your game written in? There are anti cheat libraries which you can include for your game, such as: AntiCheatToolkit for C# / Unity There are also many areas for cheaters such as loaders, injectors, time adjustors, memory searches / patchers from programs like Cheat Engine, what do you want to target? If everything then I suggest using a library like I suggested or download an open source one and learn from its code 😁
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