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  2. 30 hours awake...I feel good
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  4. i living in my moms basement so we have limited supplies sorry for that -.- plus: im doing this for my own wonder just i wanna share this with you guys
  5. "you can talk to me" is not a valid confirmation if you want your record to be honored or even thought about. Anyone can setup a 24/7 stream that auto-responds to chat and claim they stayed up. Without video proof of yourself being there the full time, no one is going to believe you. But do whatever you want, you don't seem interested in taking this serious if you are actually going for a world record.
  6. ikr but rules for the breaking ...and why am i exacly doing this ? cuz i am wondering how many times my body can staying alive
  7. Man this is crazzy!!! I agree with atom0s why doing so??? Moreover the person who made the world record(Randy Gardner) of 264 consecutive hours (11 days) did so without the use of any stimulants So you just break the rule!
  8. 27 hour im not feeling tired thx to the drugs
  9. you can talk with me to confirm that i am still awake btw i am living zombie ...I hate living and i wanna die so this is just an experiement..I can die happy now
  10. I have no idea why you keep bothering with this, you are risking your life and risking long term damage to your brain doing this.. what point is it to hold the world record for this? You need a better hobby or a job.. Also looking at your stream, your 'record' wont count even if you do beat the current one. You are streaming with no proof. A counter and some random animation is not going to validate your record.
  11. live on twitch :
  12. Modiwake + coffein + cigarettes + learning new programming languages(btw i already know about the 7 tho)
  13. this is gonna be more serious challenge than the other one ... this time im going to stick with the admins advice and İm gonna take drugs.(Drug name: Modiwake) My goal: keep the brain high functionality while far as i can go without sleep FAR AS... World record is 11 days...keep in mind 24 hour without sleep DONE yes i know i have no life...But nikola tesla2 or other great minds im going too far cuz i am crazy af and i am not proud of this but i cant stop myself ...
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  16. Yes, there used to be a similar scam in the Windows XP days where someone claimed that they could compress the entire 650 MB Windows XP ISO into 10 MB - of course, it was a fake I do not mean remove unwanted elements from it. I mean just compress that entire 650 MB install ISO into a compressed file of 10 mb ! So this is also a similar scam.
  17. Still here. Nothing change much. Still boring
  18. What you found is a fake ISO image where all files contain zeroes. Of course, such files will compress very well. You could even have 1TB file with all zeroes and compress it to a few MB RAR file. But no, you can't create a real Windows installer image which will compress that well. It's just impossible.
  19. I found this Windows 7 OS.rar file from Google Drive. Its size is just 2.7MB. When I extracted I got 4.7GB .iso file. My question is how to create the Windows installer image (D:\sources\install.wim) file to compress highly.
  20. bitter sweet ass vacation ..WHATS GOING ON.. howdy to all ya'll...
  21. another quick GLSL attempt with overlayed png Logo and sound straight from my forthcoming Shader Tool. programmed in PureBasic 5.30 i hope it runs fine on any sys. tested on win 7/8/10 @x86 and x64 GeForce GTX 950 OGL compatible gfx card needed code: inc a.k.a. udg gfx: inc a.k.a. udg music: v2m tune by ? have fun Purple Ocean.rar
  22. It's a known fact that many other countries including the UK etc do survellance in a similar manner. It's just that the US gets a lot of exposure mainly for political reasons.
  23. Difficulty : 8 Language : C++ Platform : Windows 32-bit and 64-bit OS Version : All Packer / Protector : VMProtect 3.0.9 Description : The objective is to interpret and reconstruct one single procedure that has been virtualized. No additional options have been used - no memory protection, no import protection and no compression. The virtualized function will execute when key 'P' is pressed. Two binaries are included, one 32-bit and one 64-bit. The virtualized function consists of less than 40 instructions. Detailed information of the interpreting procedure/internals or a complete solution paper is preferable. I will post similar challenges for other protectors if someone supplies me with a recent version (CodeVirtualizer, Themida, WinLicense, Enigma ...). Screenshot : devirtualizeme_vmp_3.0.9.rar
  24. well there is other countries with the same tools being created don't be naive believeing it's only us.. i'm sure australia, russia, china and even third world countries have exactly the same capabilities and unknown unpatched exploits.. Just other countries hide it better.. lol
  25. To see today, a little late registration
  26. Just use NETGuard. Ben mhenni can be deobfuscated and NETGuard too but it's more professional. Also Ben Mhenni has many bugs so i don't recommend buying it
  27. Lovely work, any recommendations for increasing obfuscation strength?
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