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  4. Hi guys, not sure where this bad timestamps comming from.I didnt use sfc or dism commands yet (dont wanna make anything trashy / unworking).Just used chkdsk on main drive and it found no errors.I dont have any USB drivers and just using Windows drivers itself and otherwise I dont have the USB drive anymore. greetz
  5. Just the other day i went through the process of signing up for the "free" courses as they state only to find out otherwise. Thank you for sharing.
  6. Sfc and dism. You have bad timestamps on you Win10 cmd and bundled bluetooth driver. At a minimum since you show corruption on your main drive. Also chkdsk your main drive. Do you have other usb drives to test with before we conclude it's a hardware issue? Something is wrong with T4Y now. I had the same errors. Ran a tracert and a server on the way is causing issues. Lot of European users cannot access or post as of late
  7. Blah

    Denuvo - In The News

    https://torrentfreak.com/denuvos-anti-piracy-protection-probably-makes-sense-for-big-selling-aaa-titles-201125/ Denuvo’s Anti-Piracy Protection Probably Makes Sense For Big-Selling AAA Titles cheers all B
  8. Last week
  9. EmuOS: run retro games and apps right in your browser emupedia.net/beta/emuos/ review - ghacks.net/2020/11/25/emuos-run-retro-games-and-apps-right-in-your-browser/
  10. Windows 7 and Server 2008 zero-day bug gets a free patch bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/windows-7-and-server-2008-zero-day-bug-gets-a-free-patch/
  11. Salesforce is in talks to buy Slack cnbc.com/2020/11/25/slack-shares-jump-following-report-of-possible-salesforce-acquisition.html
  12. thehackernews.com/2020/11/apple-lets-some-of-its-big-sur-macos.html
  13. whoknows

    Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    DeepCOVID-XR: An Artificial Intelligence Algorithm source - github.com/IVPLatNU/deepcovidxr brief - pubs.rsna.org/doi/full/10.1148/radiol.2020203511
  14. I would be wary of Western Digital drives, in recent times they have not been truthful: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2020/04/caveat-emptor-smr-disks-are-being-submarined-into-unexpected-channels/ https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2020/05/western-digital-gets-sued-for-sneaking-smr-disks-into-its-nas-channel/ https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2020/09/western-digital-is-trying-to-redefine-the-word-rpm/
  15. Hi guys, thanks for another infos about HDDs.I also thought about that NAS models but I also see videos / infos not using them for home dektop tasks.Just wanna prevent such problem you know.So when I should choose a WD drive then maybe one of those models.... WD60EZAZ or WD82PURZ or WD6003FZBX ....blue purple black.They differ in cache (64 - 256) and RPM (5.400 - 7.200).Not sure whats more important or whether its important for me later. Question: I thought about it to get an HDD 3.5 Enclosure Case where I could plugin / plugout some drives as extern solution.I was looking
  16. @wwh1004 Hello brother, my most cordial, affection, would you be so kind, to share the link of your tool, [.NET] AssemblyRebuilder v1.2.2.0 by Wwh, since I did not see it in pan.baidu, and it was removed from github, yes It is not a problem, could you send me a link where to download it
  17. OliKing800

    Python Pyarmor + My Protector

    im on linux and it would be VERY helpfull if u could still send it
  18. nabasoki

    Simple CrackMe #2 - Find The Missing Key

    There is a loop on the function call at 0x??13D7 which enters the password words
  19. Please Get me the file of module to assembly by code cracker🤝, Would be a good help.
  20. GioTiN

    libv2 1.5 for MASM

    yea kao it was used on THETA NFO viewer and patchs
  21. GioTiN

    Best free packers ?

    upx is nice packer
  22. Western Digital is good
  23. Take my advice... A hard drive is definitely not something to try to save your money upon. You can see how much time you wasted trying to recover the last one? Just not worth it, in my opinion. Avoid seagate drives. They are well known to fail suddenly. Western Digital ones are a lot more reliable. Go for the SERVER versions of the drives if possible (I know, some say that they should not be used for home purposes) but in my experience they last far longer and are more reliable than the usual consumer grade ones. Check out the color codes of Western Digital drives here: htt
  24. It is all paid stuff. Needs a monthly subscription and they claim to teach it in bits and pieces every month. Yeah, even if not 24 hours, most of them only show the carrot and bait you. If you want the real deal then they ask you to pay up, in whichever way it is disguised. The only real way to help yourself is to learn to do it all yourself, in a disciplined way. If you are willing to spend money then you can hire someone to complete the task or to teach you. Trying to get free help is in most cases nothing more than a frustrating waste of precious time.
  25. Hi, thanks for the info.I found this info about some drives.... ....about failures and Seagate are badest and HGST is best. Anyway, I think I will try first another other extern drive and hope that this will work correctly. greetz
  26. whoknows

    Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Xi proposes GLOBAL health QR code system twitter.com/NeilClark66/status/1330496448941748224
  27. Kevin Thomas github.com/mytechnotalent/Reverse-Engineering-Tutorial
  28. all i can says about external drive is to avoid LaCie, they are just seagate drive rebranded. i have 4 servers filled of dell 9X09C, WD Ultrastar and Seagate EXOS, they have a rough usage everyday, so far no problem.
  29. Hi guys, hmm, sounds really bad.Anyhow are all models bad (more or less) if you check the comments about customers.That totally creepy and I still dont know what to choose.Maybe you just need some little luck to get any good working one but this game its really bad and sucks. Sure I would like to backup on a extern drive but its same problem to get any working one.Really PITA and still dont know what to do. greetz
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