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  2. whoknows

    Eazfuscator v2021.2

    View File Eazfuscator v2021.2 +virtualization +control flow obfuscation +resource encryption +module initializer +symbol names Unpack and / or provide a valid serial. Submitter whoknows Submitted 07/30/2021 Category UnPackMe (.NET)  
  3. svenskithesource

    Python Pyarmor + My Protector

    https://github.com/Svenskithesource/cpython For the lazy people, please do read what the solution is and dont just blindly download it.
  4. Hi. Literally an hour ago, a massive phishing link was sent on the discord across all private messages and servers, which is why many channels blocked me and / or muddied me. I remembered that some time ago I came across the so-called Discord Perks that improve the user experience. And last time I was not embarrassed by the fact that I load extraneous scripts without proper analysis. I found the files that I downloaded, began to analyze in more detail and found too suspicious and obvious malware insertions. Could you help de-obfuscate the part that was obfuscated to understand where and how the data was sent? A large number of people were affected by this plugin, as they saw ads on other resources, including videos. The presence of such keywords as: POST, ip, token, authToken, userEmail, email, log, data, etc. NitroPerks.plugin.js
  5. BlackHat

    ArmDot (2020.2)

    I didn't unpack but Cracked It. 1 Second Work only. Key : Details :
  6. GIV

    [unpackme] ENIGMA 2.33 UnpackMe

    Hi all. If is a .NET target once you reach the OEP (if i recall correct even my memory is not that long) just dump with MegaDumper then fix. Search...i have a script for that.....you can see there all you need.
  7. Yesterday
  8. whoknows

    whoknows News!

    Artifact of the Month (1980) www.fbi.gov/history/artifact-of-the-month/april-2019-harveys-casino-bomb Facebook has sold 4m oculus, recall docs reveal www.protocol.com/bulletins/quest-2-4-million-units Activision Blizzard Hires Notorious Union www.promethean.news/news/activision-hires-notorious-union-busting-firm-wilmerhale Hacker downloads close to 300k personal ID photos from Estonian gov database news.err.ee/1608291072/hacker-downloads-close-to-300-000-personal-id-photos US - Google And Facebook Mandate Vaccines For Employees www.npr.org/2021/07/28/1021798222/google-mandates-vaccines-for-workers-pushes-back-return-to-office-date www.axios.com/google-office-mandate-vaccines-covid-b29a4993-9bdd-4c15-8b8a-e94fe4240878.html blog.google/inside-google/company-announcements/vaccines-and-our-return-to-office-plans/ Stanford astrophysicists report first detection of light from behind a black hole news.stanford.edu/2021/07/28/first-detection-light-behind-black-hole/ Rio Tinto blew up 46,000-year-old Aboriginal caves in Western Australia (2020) www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-52869502 From Stolen Laptop to Inside the Company Network dolosgroup.io/blog/2021/7/9/from-stolen-laptop-to-inside-the-company-network Emulating The IBM PC On An ESP32 hackaday.com/2021/07/28/emulating-the-ibm-pc-on-an-esp32/ Life of a Container (2020) indradhanush.github.io/blog/life-of-a-container/ nVIDIA Face Generator AI: This Is The Next Level www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zaGYLPj4Kk Facebook is making glasses with Ray-Ban thenextweb.com/news/facebook-smart-glasses-ray-ban-but-no-ar AU - Military deployed to help enforce lockdown www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-58021718 Hunting a bug in the i40e Intel driver blog.cri.epita.fr/post/2021-07-29-hunting-a-bug-in-the-i40e-intel-driver/ Lady Gaga dominates new 'House of Gucci' mashable.com/video/house-of-gucci-trailer youtu.be/pGi3Bgn7U5U Windows 11 beta is finally out thenextweb.com/news/the-windows-11-beta-is-finally-out-heres-how-to-install-it blogs.windows.com/windows-insider/2021/07/22/announcing-windows-11-insider-preview-build-22000-100/ Your PC is not compatible with Windows 11? Here are your options! www.ghacks.net/2021/07/29/your-pc-is-not-compatible-with-windows-11-here-are-your-options/ Facebook Wanted NSO Spyware to Monitor Users, CEO Claims (2020) www.vice.com/en/article/pke9k9/facebook-wanted-nso-spyware-to-monitor-users Bitcoin is at a 'do-or-die' moment markets.businessinsider.com/news/currencies/bitcoin-price-outlook-btc-rally-40000-level-crypto-elon-musk-2021-7
  9. whoknows

    Eazfuscator v2021.2


    +virtualization +control flow obfuscation +resource encryption +module initializer +symbol names Unpack and / or provide a valid serial.
  10. ra1n

    Example CrackMe - Debug Blocker x64

    assemble "mov r15, 0" at 14000114 D Debug Blocker_x64_patch.exe
  11. Last week
  12. x0man's version of starfield with bmp aboutbox effect - ripped from Casino PokeR Analyzer v4.17 by tPORt.zip , with IDA pro. (yep, this aboutbox wasn't really open-source - like Funny Word, Crazy Word and New year theme - back then) Also available on Xylitol's collection of masm32 graphical effects repository on github . starfield_with_bmp[tPORt].zip
  13. whoknows

    whoknows News!

    I went to the office for the first time. I fornicationing hated it (lol) www.reddit.com/r/cscareerquestions/comments/oosru6/i_went_to_the_office_for_the_first_time_i_fornicationing/ Windows 96 windows96.net Developers at Activision Blizzard say they'll walk out Wednesday www.axios.com/activision-blizzard-walkout-harassment-lawsuit-fefa807b-107e-41e2-a6e2-78a086119e04.html Curated list of personal blogs refined.blog/ Docker in Production: A History of Failure (2016) thehftguy.com/2016/11/01/docker-in-production-an-history-of-failure/ WeChat suspends new user registration for security compliance www.reuters.com/technology/tencents-wechat-suspends-new-user-registration-cites-technical-upgrade-2021-07-27/ Analysis of large binaries and games in Ghidra-SRE kiwidog.me/2021/07/analysis-of-large-binaries-and-games-in-ghidra-sre/
  14. Death

    Unpack Challenge (Agile.NET)

    there is no last edition from me last edition already u have , this is the world most powerfull packer as i know , made by china
  15. nabila

    [KeygenMe] KeygenMe v1.4

    Good keygenme. Anyone have Tutorial ang keygen in assembly languages?
  16. bemka

    Unpack Challenge (Agile.NET)

    can you share JITDUMPER LAST EDITION working with dnguard Hvm ?
  17. I have a c++ dll that I want to obfuscate/protect, what are some good obfuscators, or methods I can do to obfuscate it? Thanks.
  18. KanohAgito

    Eazfuscator v2021.1

    Shadow is in hole other level he unpacked exe fully packed with pelock 2.x In half hour
  19. i used Windows.Media.Transcoding.MediaTranscoder _Transcoder = new Windows.Media.Transcoding.MediaTranscoder(); var encodingaudionumber = GetAudioEncode(); Windows.Media.MediaProperties.MediaEncodingProfile _Profile = Windows.Media.MediaProperties.MediaEncodingProfile.CreateMp3(encodingaudionumber); Windows.Storage.Streams.IRandomAccessStream stream = await files.OpenAsync(Windows.Storage.FileAccessMode.Read); but it make file bigger then ever and it take long timeeeeee can someone please give me a better solution how i can merge aac in a mp4 by byte code i think in youtube dl have it , may be . download finish then auto merge aac
  20. Death

    Unpack Challenge (Agile.NET)

    cracked attached cracked password 1234567891011121314151617 from csv , original password <TuAurasPasLeMdpCroisPas> still has csv dynamic encryption crackme_1234567891011121314151617.7z
  21. Kurapica

    Eazfuscator v2021.1

    @BataBo : Impressive work man
  22. whoknows

    Eazfuscator v2021.1

    ^fantastic job @BataBo I have to say, when @SHADOW_UAreplied, the same day, sent me also the naked file via PM.
  23. BataBo

    Eazfuscator v2021.1

    This is update to my last post, I've decided to continue working on my unpacker and was able to figure out how to decrypt operands, when it comes to callinternal it's operand, when decrypted, tells you which method to execute, the next problem I've gotten was homomorphic encryption, but it wasn't a hard nut to crack all you have to do is bruteforce the key and use it to decrypt method body. With all this I've finally made the devirtualiser and was able to unpack the assembly.Then I ran it through de4dot to clean it up a bit. And then I have manually taken care of debug code(I haven't removed it I've just put if(true)return; at the beginning of each debug method). Here is a video of me unpacking it : https://streamable.com/gynmi9 The file password is superfrog. For some reason I couldn't upload the raw exe so I zipped it ggggg-unpacked-cleaned.zip
  24. whoknows

    whoknows News!

    LCDs with 480 Hz Refresh Rate Incoming www.tomshardware.com/news/lg-auo-developing-480hz-display-panels FLoC a more precise timeline www.androidpolice.com/2021/07/25/google-gives-its-cookie-replacement-floc-a-more-precise-timeline/ TSMC eyes Germany as possible location for first Europe chip plant asia.nikkei.com/Business/Tech/Semiconductors/TSMC-eyes-Germany-as-possible-location-for-first-Europe-chip-plant 20,000 proteins expressed by human genome predicted by DeepMind's AlphaFold now available to download (GBs) www.theregister.com/2021/07/26/in_brief_ai/ Wikipedia co-founder: I no longer trust the website I created www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0P4Cf0UCwU CVD Pill Race Heats Up as Japanese Firm Vies With Pfizer, Merck www.wsj.com/articles/covid-19-pill-race-heats-up-as-japanese-firm-vies-with-pfizer-merck-11627205403 Unhacked: 121 tools against ransomware on a single website www.europol.europa.eu/newsroom/news/unhacked-121-tools-against-ransomware-single-website dont forget the shit.Learning to Love GMO www.nytimes.com/2021/07/20/magazine/gmos.html Pocket-sized Covid-19 lab circlepod.co/ FreeTube – The Private YouTube Client freetubeapp.io/ SVG Gobbler - Download icons, logos, and vector SVGs from any site www.svggobbler.com/ Porting a C++ Rendering Engine to WebAssembly medium.com/cyberbotics/porting-a-c-rendering-engine-to-webassembly-9c32d76c31f1 JS13kGames - HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB js13kgames.com/ Finding Windows HANDLE leaks, in Chromium and others randomascii.wordpress.com/2021/07/25/finding-windows-handle-leaks-in-chromium-and-others/ Debian for Mobile mobian-project.org/ The Monkey Island PC-Speaker music player www.thanassis.space/monkeyisland.html Excel - LAMBDA Helper Functions techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/excel-blog/announcing-lambda-helper-functions-lambdas-as-arguments-and-more/ba-p/2576648 You should turn off autofill in your password manager marektoth.com/blog/password-managers-autofill/ git-blame-someone-else (haha, should working, as has 8.1k, lool) github.com/jayphelps/git-blame-someone-else they joking wtf? - Google Chrome is getting a major speed boost… due to Microsoft www.techradar.com/news/google-chrome-is-getting-a-major-speed-boost-due-to-microsoft Facebook - Facebook at 13 Million Queries Per Second (2010) http://highscalability.com/blog/2010/11/4/facebook-at-13-million-queries-per-second-recommends-minimiz.html Lucasfilm hires the YouTube deepfaker www.theverge.com/2021/7/26/22595227/star-wars-lucasfilm-mandalorian-rogue-one-hire-deepfake-shamook
  25. Leopar36

    ByTanimsiz Protector VM

    View File ByTanimsiz Protector VM Try to devirt. Submitter Leopar36 Submitted 07/17/2021 Category UnPackMe (.NET)  
  26. whoknows

    whoknows News!

    Registry Explorer: Replacement for the Windows Built-In Regedit.exe github.com/zodiacon/RegExp Most livable cities en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Most_livable_cities Jim Carrey (watch for 10sec) youtu.be/lhxoNIXu6Vk?t=24 Intel warns of CPU stock shortages in near future www.techradar.com/news/intel-warns-of-cpu-stock-shortages-in-near-future Uncut footage from 1958 of Atomic Blast - 150meters underwater www.reddit.com/r/nextfornicationinglevel/comments/oqaxjq/uncut_footage_from_1958_of_atomic_blast_150meters/ Twitter removed FLoC support from its website mspoweruser.com/twitter-removed-floc-support-from-its-website/ Windows 11 in React win11.blueedge.me/ github.com/blueedgetechno/windows11 Tobacco firm Philip Morris calls for ban on cigarettes within decade www.theguardian.com/business/2021/jul/25/tobacco-firm-philip-morris-calls-for-ban-on-cigarettes-within-decade Signal on Android: Images sent to wrong contacts github.com/signalapp/Signal-Android/issues/10247 awesome-icons github.com/digitalblossom/awesome-icons The World’s Greatest Places of 2021 time.com/collection/worlds-greatest-places-2021/ Inside the Ransomware Economy threadreaderapp.com/thread/1413601716918910978.html Reversing for dummies - x86 assembly and C code 0x41.cf/reversing/2021/07/21/reversing-x86-and-c-code-for-beginners.html Extend python lists operations using .NET's LINQ syntax github.com/avilum/linqit How to install Linux instead of Windows 11 (72k likes in 2d) www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Ua-d9OeUOg
  27. whoknows

    Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    17 Jun 2021 - Vitamin D deficiency is associated with higher hospitalisation risk from CVD pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34139758/
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