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    @XenocodeRCE: I have a huge respect for you as a RE guy but now you're just being a d*ck. If you have some personal issues with mamo/localhost0/whatever he calls himself this week, please resolve them privately and don't make a huge public drama out of it. No matter how I count, it's 3 months and 2 days max. If you're gonna whine, at least get your facts right. Umm, no. The requirement from law is to react on any reported copyright infringements, not to actively run around and search for any possible issues. See DMCA 512(c). So, if admins ignored a properly reported copyright issue for 3 months, then yes, maybe they could be held responsible. But that's not the case.
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    This code and accompanying article is worse than most ConfuserEx mods written by script kiddies... Where do I start? Holy f*ck, have you ever heard of things you should never ever do inside DllMain? Loading another DLL from DllMain is one of the basic ones - it virtually guarantees a deadlock. "DLL hook"... You mean DLL name? Like, I don't know... a string? Not since year 2018... And it's called "Detours" And the cherry on the top! Just 4 problems in 9 lines of code! Must be a world record or something! 1) if CreateRemoteThread fails, child process is left hanging; 2) WaitForSingleObject with 4000ms timeout assumes that remote thread runs immediately and that hook DLL loads and does its stuff immediately. You just created a race condition between hooking thread and main process thread. 3) WaitForSingleObject with timeout + VirtualFreeEx creates another nasty race condition. 4) You should close the thread handle for the process you created: CloseHandle(processInformation.hThread);
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    I noted in at least one of the links you posted you were able to "like" a post and likely downloaded content yet did not report to moderators any of these up until 45 minutes prior to starting this topic. I am assuming your current motives and interest are purely driven due ArmDot source code being released and were okay not to care reporting of the other links up until this point. As commented previously one of those topics you linked (source code for commercial copyright software) was taken down, within five hours of it being posted. Another was taken down and restored after a week because the person (claimed author) making the complaint never responded to PM's to provide further information or context. Regarding "private", it is not uncommon in the RCE scene for private tools, code, etc. to be released (not leaked) to the public. There are also open source code that get released under various licences that people modify and those changes may still fall under an open licence. What I am getting at here, and this is not an excuse, is that sometimes there are grey areas and it would be appreciated if you reported these to the moderators as we aren't always aware of everything that is happening out there. Occasionally people have incorrectly or falsely reported posts and topics for various reasons (sometimes out of spite, jealousy, personal disputes, etc.). If we really want to follow the rules moderators could request information to validate as described in section 22 of the terms. The moderators have actioned all your reports on good faith and in a timely manner without requesting any of this information... Ted.
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    Hi all i'm new on this forum and i really need you're help (sorry for my bad english) let me introduce my problem : in few days ago i tried to crack a keylogger to see how he was made and this software was packed by two packers the number one is called enigma protector 5.x and the second packer is called dnguard (yeah dnguard a very old packer) so i successfully bypassed the enigma protection and now there is my problem "DNGUARD" this packer is old and he seems to be good as far as i could see so i googled how to unpack this and i found nothing i just found one unpacker made by "death" and this tool upgraded and fixed by codecracker (codeexplorer i think ?) so i downloaded the codeexplorer version but now i have a huge problem the unpacker returns a error when i want to unpack my keylogger after this error the program won't continue so i searched for a fixed version of this problem and i found some links but all links where the uploaded fixed version are dead 🙁 or make this error obfuscated code : all strings are encrypted by this message "error dnguard runtime library not loaded" so if someone can help me how to unpack it it would be really nice the exe (zipped with all resources) : https://www28.zippyshare.com/v/lJ9k96Xb/file.html i left the enigma version if i do something wrong Thanks !
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    Version 1.7


    REPT KeyGen Maker is an utility to make keygens easily without having a programming knowledges. Please report any bug/improve to make it better This is currently done in .NET so will need .NET Framework 3.5 or higher. Thanks for download it!
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    Hi Password : @flag{} inline patched file attached CrackMe_inlined.rar
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    This tutorial aim is show some simple techniques that can be used to reverse and patching Java target, a first classical approach will be about the class decompilation with JAD and JODE decompiler, then we can move into the JVM (Java virtual machine) analysis and deeper into the bytecode analysis and patching. In order to fix some concepts a simple Java CrackMe will be explored trough decompilation with the presented tool and bytecode patching by using IDA and Hex Editor. Of course this topic isn't new and was also covered into the past by other, but this essay will just point some well know concept and show some more hint about the Java patching, a minimum skill on the Java programming is needed to make code change and understand the program execution flow at the decompiled stage. Finally some consideration around how to better protect Java coded application was covered.
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    Hello All, I created my first reverse engineering project. It's an open source loader called patchya, It's not strong as dUP yet. I am planning to port it to Linux and to add more features as anti anti debugging tricks. Would appreciate any feedback! Github project: https://github.com/misaleh/patchya
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    Fantastic work guys! Both of you ... and on the x64 one Great! You both say that you didn't nothing special and, yeah, in comparison to God who created the world in seven days (well, 6 exactly :P) you did indeed nothing ... but hey we are human (and I underline we, not you ) ... and your work is brilliant. Well done I wish I could have at least an idea on how to start such a job ... Best Regards, Tony
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    Difficulty : 5 Language : Delphi Platform : Windows X86 OS Version : XP and above Packer / Protector : Safengine Licensor Description : We need to do a patch HWID or unpack. Password - unpackme Screenshot : unpackme Safengine Licensor
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    PatchRSAPublicKey_KeyGen PatchRSAPublicKey_KeyGen.rar
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