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Hello people, I need to obfuscate my project. Net, however I would like the opinion of you who are experienced in the subject.
I have no money to spend on licenses for software obfuscator.
If I use the free : http://confuser.codeplex.com/
and then use a Themida above, will work and will be safe?Has a few other ways to tell me? thank you
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Don't use anything that is just a crypter. If no flow obfuscation why even bother cause then even kiddies can crack your software.. Even if you bought the best someone will defeat it for the challenge or for PPD as a nuker team..


My advice: Leave it. Put some of your solution as SaaS or as CGI behind website authentication that communicates over HTTP with a efficient HTTP or socket layer protocol. The best unpacker or keygenner won't be able to touch it unless they code their own and compete with you..

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