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Scylla Imports Reconstruction Source


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Scylla Imports Reconstruction Source

Scylla - x64/x86 Imports Reconstruction

ImpREC, CHimpREC, Imports Fixer... this are all great tools to rebuild an import table, but they all have some major disadvantages, so I decided to create my own tool for this job.

Scylla's key benefits are:

  • x64 and x86 support
  • full unicode support
  • written in C/C++
  • plugin support
  • works great with Windows 7

This tool was designed to be used with Windows 7 x64, so it is recommend to use this operating system. But it may work with XP and Vista, too.

Source code is licensed under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE v3.0




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Teddy Rogers

The software is nice. But it needs some improvements. Good work!

You might want to elaborate on that for it to be a useful comment... smile.png


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good,maybe searching iat need improving.

00749BD4 00F349A0 Calender.ShowCalender iat end importREC can recognize right

00749BD8 00000000

00749BDC 6E72656B

00749BE0 32336C65

00749BE4 6C6C642E

00749BE8 00000000

00749BEC 656C6544

00749BF0 72436574


but Scylla Imports Reconstruction recognize iat end error

iat_rva="00349BCC" address_va="00ED3C5C" />


<module filename="calender.dll" first_thunk_rva="00349BD4">

<import_valid name="ShowCalender" ordinal="0001" hint="0000" suspect="0" iat_rva="00349BD4" address_va="00F349A0" />


<module filename="?" first_thunk_rva="00349BDC">

<import_invalid iat_rva="00349BDC" address_va="6E72656B" />

<import_invalid iat_rva="00349BE0" address_va="32336C65" />

<import_invalid iat_rva="00349BE4" address_va="6C6C642E" />

<import_invalid iat_rva="00349BEC" address_va="656C6544" />

<import_invalid iat_rva="00349BF0" address_va="72436574" />

<import_invalid iat_rva="00349BF4" address_va="63697469" />

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sorry I wasn't online for so long. I am still alive 🙂 but I had a HDD crash and lost almost everything including account information. Today I was able to recover some account information from a forgotten USB stick. At least the forum here + bitbucket/github account. So I may be able to work on the projects again 🙂

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Teddy Rogers
1 hour ago, Aguila said:

So I may be able to work on the projects again 🙂

Thank you for the commits! 👍


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