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VMProtect x64 v3.6 HWID Lock (All Protection Options)

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Unpackme x64 - VMProtect 3.6 HWID License
(All Protection Options)
VMP x64 SDK + HWID Lock +etc... 
If you can unpack it, please make a tutorial... :) I will mark the answers with tutorials as a solution.

The compressed package includes a simple MP4 display, please pay attention to check...

Created by boot / From Tuts4you

This is a 64-bit compilation of the MFC project, with only nearly about 370+ lines of code...
Please check screenshot. If I mark someone else as a solution, I will provide the original program (MFC x64 - 4.352MB)...

(To be honest, the difficulty is quite high. I also don't have a good solution at the moment...)

How to do?

- First, you need to Patch Hwid

If you can see VMCode dialog box, it means that you have truly patched the HWID of VMP
This functional code has been virtualized and locked by the HWID lock of VMP. Only by truly patching the HWID of VMP and entering the correct registration code can this dialog box be seen

- Afterwards, try to unpack and fix it, remove HWID restrictions, and run the function code without a key

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