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Tuts 4 You

Armadillo x64 v9.64 (General/Default Protection Options)

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Unpackme - Armadillo x64 v9.64 | WwW.Tuts4You.CoM

General/Default Protection Options = HWID Lock + etc...

If you can unpack it, please make a tutorial... :)

The compressed package includes a simple MP4 display, please pay attention to check...


After seeing the dynamic screen, please click the LEFT MOUSE button to exit OR press the "ESC" button once to exit.

Created by boot / From Tuts4you

This is a 64-bit compilation of the Win32 project, with only nearly about 210 lines of code...
Please check screenshot, it just a Dynamic screen rendering EXE. If get the solution, I will provide the original program (Win32 x64 - 107KB)...
  • This is a 64 bit program instead of a 32-bit program. So please try debugging with x64dbg
  • Patch your HWID to match the one I provide
  • Try to unpack it
  • Dump and fix it with Scylla 0.98 x64

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