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Tuts 4 You

Challenge of Reverse Engineering

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Challenge your reverse engineering skills or contribute your own...

2 files

  1. Crackmes.de (2011 - 2015)

    Crackmes.de, a site for testing reversing skills. Crackmes range from "Very Easy" to "Very Hard" for many operating systems.
    Archive contains a 2011 release from Malware Ninja...
    Please find the following linked zip that contains almost 1000 crackmes for all levels. Please enjoy and mirror/spread.




  2. Tuts 4 You UnpackMe Collection (2016)

    Password: tuts4you
    .NET Reactor CliSecure 3.2.rar CliSecure 4.5.rar CodeVeil 1.2.rar DNGuard (Standard) 2.6.rar DNGuard HVM dotNET Reactor dotNET Reactor dotNETZ 0.2.7.rar Maxtocode 3.2.rar MPress 0.71.rar MPress 0.75.rar MPress 0.77.rar MPress 2.12.rar NsPack 3.6.rar Phoenix Protector Sixxpack 2.2.rar Skater .NET Obfuscator Light 2.6.rar Smart Assembly 1.3.rar Smart Assembly 2.0.rar Themida .NET FoxPro
    KONxiSE 1.0.rar vfp&exeNc 6.20.rar PE32 x32
    !EP (EXE Pack) 1.0.rar !EP (EXE Pack) 1.2.rar !EP (EXE Pack) 1.4.rar !EProt 0.01.rar 1337 Exe Crypter 1.rar 1337 Exe Crypter 2.rar 12311134.rar Aase 1.0.rar ABC Crypter.rar ACProtect 1.09g.rar ACProtect 1.32.rar ACProtect 1.41.rar ACProtect Pro 2.1.0.rar ACProtect Standard 2.0 2006.03.10.rar Advanced UPX Scrammbler 0.5.rar AffilliateEXE 1.0.rar Again Nativity Crypter.rar AHTeam EP Protector 0.3.rar AlexProt 1.0 Beta2.rar Alloy Alloy ANDpakk2 0.18.rar Anskya Polymorphic Packer 1.3.rar AnslymPacker.rar Anti007 2.5.rar AntiCrack Protector.rar AntiDote 1.4.rar AntiDote_1.2.rar antiOllyDBG.rar AR Crypt.rar AREA51 Cryptor 1.1.rar ARM Protector 0.1.rar ARM Protector 0.3.rar Armadillo 1.84.rar Armadillo 1.90.rar Armadillo 1.91c.rar Armadillo 2.00.rar Armadillo 2.52.rar Armadillo 3.70a.rar Armadillo 4.00.0053.rar Armadillo 4.10.rar Armadillo 4.20.rar Armadillo 4.30.rar Armadillo 4.30a.rar Armadillo 4.40.rar Armadillo 4.42.rar Armadillo 4.44.rar Armadillo 4.54 (Beta 1).rar Armadillo 4.66.rar Armadillo 6.0.0.rar Armadillo Armadillo 6.40.rar Armadillo 6.60.0140.rar Armadillo 7.0 Beta 3.rar AsCrypt 0.1.rar ASDPack 2.0.rar ASPack 2.2.rar ASPack 2.12.rar ASPack 2.12_.rar ASProtect 1.2.rar ASProtect 1.23 RC1.rar ASProtect 1.33.rar ASProtect 1.35.rar ASProtect 1.40.rar ASProtect SKE 2.4 Build 09.11.rar ASProtect SKE 2.10.rar ASProtect SKE 2.11.rar ASProtect SKE 2.20.rar ASProtect SKE 2.30.rar Ass Crypter 1.0.rar AT4RE aSm Protecter 1.0.rar AT4RE Protector 1.0.rar AverCryptor 1.0.rar AverCryptor 1.02.rar AZProtect 0001.rar Backdoor PE Compress Protector 1.0.rar BamBam_0.04.rar Bastards Tools 1.1.rar Beria 0.07.rar Berio 1.0 Beta.rar Berio 1.02.rar BeRoEXEPacker 1.00.rar Biohazard Crypter.rar Bleeding Rose Crypter 1.0.rar BoxApp Packer Break Into Pattern 0.1.rar C.I. Crypt 0.1.rar C.I. Crypt 0.2.rar CDS SS 1.0 Beta 1.rar Celsius Crypt 2.0.rar Celsius Crypt 2.1.rar CExe1.0b.rar ChinaProtect 0.3.rar CI Crypt 0.1.rar Cigicigi Crypter 1.0.rar CliSecure 4.5.rar CodeVeil 1.2.rar COOLcryptor 0.9.rar Crunch 5.0.0.rar CrypKey SDK 5.7.rar Crypt R.roads 1.0.rar Cryptable Seduction 1.0.rar Cryptic 2.1.rar CrypToCrack Pe Protector 0.9.2.rar CrypToCrack Pe Protector 0.9.3.rar CRyptOZ 3.rar CryptX 1.0.rar CSDSJKK Protector.rar CuBe Crypt0r.rar DalKrypt 1.0.rar DCrypt Private 0.9b.rar dePack.rar DeX-Crypt 2.0.rar DexCrypt 2.0.rar DirTy Cryptor.rar dotFakeSigner.rar DotFix NiceProtect 2.2.rar DotFix NiceProtect 2.3.rar DotFix NiceProtect 2.5.rar DotFix NiceProtect 2.9.rar DotFix NiceProtect 3.6.rar DragonArmour.rar Drony Application Protect 3.0.rar Eagle Protector.rar EmbedPE 1.13.rar EnCryptPE 2.2006.7.10.rar EnCryptPE 2.2007.4.11.rar Enigma 1.12.rar Enigma 1.55.rar Enigma 1.68.rar eS304.rar Escargot 0.1.rar Excalibur1.03.rar ExE Evil 1.0.rar Exe32Pack 1.42.rar EXECrypt 1.0.rar ExeCryptor 1.5.30.rar ExeCryptor 2.1.20.rar ExeCryptor 2.1.70.rar ExeCryptor 2.2.50.rar ExeCryptor 2.4.1.rar ExeCryptor Official Crackme.rar ExeFog 1.1.rar EXESafeguard 1.0.rar ExeSax 0.9.1.rar ExeShield 3.6.rar ExeShield 3.7.rar ExeShield Cryptor 1.3RC.rar ExeShield Deluxe 1.2.21.rar ExeShield Deluxe 1.3RC.rar ExeShield Ultra Edition 1.40.rar ExeShield Ultra Edition 1.41.rar EXESmasher 1.0.rar ExeStealth 2.75a.rar ExeStealth 2.76.rar eXPressor 1.2.0.rar eXPressor eXPressor eXPressor EZIP 1.0.rar EZIP 1.1.rar Fakus Cryptor 1.4.rar Fast File Crypt 1.6.rar FastPack32 1.2.rar FatMike 0.1.rar fEaRz Crypter 1.0.rar fEaRz Packer 0.3.rar FileShield 1.0.rar FishPE 1.02.rar FishPE 1.16.rar FishPE 1.17.rar FishPE Packer 1.03.rar FishPE Packer 1.04.rar FishPE Shield 2.0.1.rar Flame Packer II.rar Flashback Protector 1.0.rar Free Joiner Small 0.15.rar Freex64 1.0.rar FSG 2.0.rar fornication_U 0.1.5.rar Fusion 4.0.00.rar G!X Protector 1.2.rar GhaZza CryPter 1.0.rar GHF Protector.rar Gie Protector 0.2.rar GKripto 1.0.rar Goats PE Mutilator 1.6.rar H4ck-y0u.org Crypter.rar HAC Crew-Crypter.rar HaLV Crypter.rar HaspSRM 3.4.rar Hexalock DVD Copy Protection System 2.3.rar Hide & Protect 1.016.rar HidePE.rar HidePX.rar Hmimys Packer 1.0.rar Hmimys Packer 1.2.rar Hmimys Packer 1.3.rar Hmimys PE-Pack.rar Hound Hack Crypter 1.0.4.rar Hyings PE-Armour CCG.rar ICrypt 1.0.rar ID Application Protector 1.2.rar iNF Cryptor.rar James Crypter 2.0.rar JDPack 1.01.rar JDPack 2.00.rar JDProtect 0.9.rar JDProtect 0.90b.rar JeyJey UPX Protector.rar Joker Protector 1.0.8.rar Joker Protector 1.1.3.rar K!Cryptor 0.11.rar KaOs PE-DLL eXecutable Undetecter.rar KGB Crypter 1.0.rar KiAms Cryptor 1.4.rar Kkrunchy 0.17.rar Kkrunchy 0.23.rar Kratos Crypter.rar Krypton 0.5.rar Kur0k.X2.to.rar LameCrypt 1.0.rar LCG 1.0.rar Lightning Crypter Private 1.0.rar Lightning Crypter ScanTime 1.0.rar Luck007 2.7.rar LuCypher 1.1.rar Mal Packer 1.2.rar MarCrypt 0.01.rar MaskPE 2.0.rar MEW 1.1.rar Mimoza 0.86.rar Minke 1.01.rar MKFPack.rar Molebox 2.2.4.rar Molebox 2.3.rar MoleBox 2.5.13.rar MoleBox Pro MoleBox Pro MoleBox Pro MoleBox Pro MoleBox Ultra 4.1900.rar MoleBox Ultra 4.1900_.rar Money Crypter 1.0.rar Morphine 1.9.rar Morphine 2.7b.rar Morphine 3.3.rar Morphine 3.5.rar Morphnah 0.2.rar Mortal Team Crypter.rar Mortal Team Crypter 2.rar MoruK creW Crypter Private.rar mPack 0.0.2.rar mPack 0.0.3.rar MPress 0.77.rar MPress 1.27.rar MPress 2.01.rar MPress 2.05.rar MPress 2.12.rar Mr Undectetable 1.0.rar MSLRH 0.32a.rar Muckis Protector.rar Muckis Protector II.rar My PE Packer 0.1.rar MZ0oPE 1.0.6b.rar N-Code 0.2.rar NakedPacker 1.0.rar NeoLite 2.0.rar Nidhogg 1.0.rar NME 1.1.rar NOmeR1.rar NoNamePacker.rar NoobyProtect NoobyProtect NoobyProtect 1.6.40.rar NoobyProtect SE Public NoodleCrpyt 2.rar Nova Cipher 1.0.rar noX Crypt 1.1.rar nPack nPack 1.1.300.rar nPack 1.1.800.2008.rar NsPack 2.3.rar NsPack 2.4.rar NsPack 2.9.rar NsPack 3.0.rar NsPack 3.3.rar NsPack 3.4.rar NsPack 3.5.rar NsPack 3.6.rar NsPack 3.7.rar NsPack Scrambler.rar NTkrnl Protector NTkrnl Protector 0.15.rar NtPacker 1.0.rar Obsidium 1.2.rar Obsidium 1.2.5.rar Obsidium Obsidium Obsidium Obsidium Obsidium 1.30.rar Open Source Code Crypter 1.0.rar Orien 2.11.rar OSC-Crypter.rar p0ke Scrambler 1.2.rar Pack 4.0.rar PackMan PackMan 1.0.rar Pain Crew Protector 1.1.rar Pandora.rar Password Protect UPX 0.30.rar PC Shriner 0.71.rar PcGuard 4.06c.rar PcGuard 5.0.rar PE-Armour 0.765.rar PE Lock NT 2.04.rar PE Pack 1.0.rar Pe123 2006.4.4.rar PeBundle 3.20.rar PeCancer 1.0 (Demo).rar PeCancer 2007 07 11.rar PeCompact 1.30.rar PeCompact 1.50.rar PeCompact 1.84.rar PeCompact 2.55.rar PeCompact 2.57.rar PeCompact 2.64.rar PeCompact 2.68.rar PeCompact 2.70.rar PeCompact 2.78a.rar PeCompact 2.79.rar PeCompact 2.98.4.rar PEDiminisher 0.1.rar PELock 1.06.rar PEncrypt 4.0p.rar Pepsi 2.0.rar Perplex PE-Protector 1.01.rar PeSpin 1.0.rar PeSpin 1.1.rar PeSpin 1.3.rar PeSpin 1.3 (Private).rar PeSpin 1.32.rar PeSpin 1.304.rar Pestil 1.0.rar PeStubOEP 1.6.rar Petite 1.2.rar Petite 1.3.rar Petite 1.4.rar Petite 2.3.rar PeX 0.99.rar PFE CX 0.1.rar Phoenix Protector PI Cryptor 3.0.rar PKLite32 1.1.rar PlutoCrypt.rar Pohernah 1.0.1.rar Pohernah 1.0.2.rar Pohernah 1.0.3.rar Poisen Ivy Crypter.rar Poke Crypter.rar Poly!Crypt 2.8.rar PolyBox 1.0.rar PolyCrypt PE 2.00.rar PolyCrypt PE 2.1.5.rar PolyEnE 0.01.rar Private EXE Protector 1.7.rar Private EXE Protector 1.8.rar Private EXE Protector 1.9.rar Private EXE Protector 1.95.rar Private Exe Protector 2.25.rar Private EXE Protector 2.30.rar Private EXE Protector 2.40.rar Private Exe Protector 2.71.rar Private Personal Packer 1.0.2.rar PrivateKrypt 1.0.rar Protect Shareware 1.1.rar Pub Crypter.rar Punisher 1.5.rar PussyCrypter 1.0.rar QrYPt0r.rar QuickPack NT 0.1.rar RCryptor 1.1.rar RCryptor 1.3.rar RCryptor 1.4.rar RCryptor 1.5 (Private).rar RCryptor 1.6c.rar RCryptor 1.6d.rar RCryptor 2.0.rar RDG Poly Pack 1.1.rar RDG Tejon Crypter 0.1.rar RDG Tejon Crypter 0.8.rar ReCrypt 0.15.rar ReCrypt 0.74.rar ReCrypt 0.80.rar ReWolf x86 Virtualizer.rar RLP 0.7.2.rar RLPack 1.0.rar RLPack 1.1 BasicEdition.rar RLPack 1.11 BasicEdition.rar RLPack 1.15 BasicEdition.rar RLPack 1.16.rar RLPack 1.17.rar RLPack 1.18.rar RLPack 1.20.1.rar RLPack 1.21.rar RoguePack 1.1.rar RoguePack 3.3.1.rar ROR Packer 0.3.rar RPolyCrypt 1.0b.rar RPolyCrypt 1.4.rar Russian Cryptor 1.0.rar SDProtector 1.12.rar SDProtector 1.16.rar Secure Shade 1.5.rar SEH Protector 1.0.5.rar SEH Protector 2.5.0.rar Sentinel Hardware Key 7.5.0.rar Sexe Crypter 1.1.rar Sh4DoW.rar Shergerd Exe Protector 4.87.rar Shrinkwrap 1.4.rar Sim Crypter.rar SimbiOZ.rar SimbiOZ 2.1.rar Simple Crypter 1.2.rar Simple Pack 1.0.rar Simple Pack 1.2.rar Simple Pack 1.11.rar Simple Pack 1.21.rar Simplicity.rar SkD Undetectabler 3.rar SkD Undetectabler Pro 2.0 (Special_Edition).rar SLVc0deProtector 0.61.rar Small Polymorphic Crypter 0.1.rar SmokeScreen Crypter 2.0.rar Smon v0.2b.rar Snoop Crypt 1.0.rar Soft Defender 1.12.rar softSENTRY 3.00.rar Software Compress LITE 1.4.rar Sopelka 1.5.rar SPEC b3.rar SPLayer 0.08.rar StarForce 3.xx.rar StarForce 4.7.rar StasFodidoCrypter 1.0.rar Ste@lth PE 1.01.rar Ste@lth PE 2.10.rar SuperCrypt 1.0.rar SuperPacker 1.2.rar SVK Protector 1.43.rar tElock 0.98.rar tElock 0.99.rar TGR Crypter 1.0.rar TGR Protector 1.0.rar The Best Cryptor.rar The Zone Crypter.rar Themida Themida Themida Themida Themida Themida Thinstall 2.521 A.rar Thinstall 2.521 B.rar Thinstall 2.628.rar Thinstall 2.736.rar Thunderbolt 0.02.rar TPPpack.rar Trojka Crypter 1.1.rar TsT Crypter 1.0.rar Tubby Crypt 1.1.0.rar Turkish Cyber Signature 1.0.rar Turkojan Crypter 1.0.rar UnderGround Crypter 1.0.rar Undetector 1.2.rar UnDo Crypter 1.0.rar unkOwn Crypter 1.0.rar unnamed Scrambler 1.1C.rar unnamed Scrambler 2.0.rar unnamed Scrambler 2.1.1.rar unnamed Scrambler 2.5.2.rar UnOpix 1.10.rar UnOpix Scrambler 1.10.rar uPack Mutanter 0.1.rar uPolyX 0.4.rar uPolyX 0.5.rar UProtector 2.1.rar UPX-Scrambler RC1.x.rar UPX 1.25.rar UPX 1.91.rar UPX 1.92.rar UPX 2.00.rar UPX 2.01.rar UPX 2.02.rar UPX 2.90.rar UPX 3.00.rar UPX 3.01.rar UPX 3.03.rar UPX 3.04.rar UPX Lock 1.0.rar UPX$hit 0.0.1.rar UPXMutanter.rar UPXScramb 2.2.rar USSR 0.31.rar VB-PE-Crypt 1.0.rar VB-PowerWrap 4.1.rar VB-PowerWrap 4.3.rar VBOWatch Protector 2.0.rar VBOWatch Protector 3.0.rar VCasm.rar VCrpyt 0.9b.rar Virogen Crypt 0.75.rar Visual Protect 3.4.5.rar VMProtect 1.1.rar VMProtect 1.2.rar VMProtect 1.8.rar VMProtect 1.21.rar VMProtect 1.22.rar VMProtect 1.24.rar VMProtect 1.52.rar VMProtect 1.53.rar VMProtect 1.70.4.rar VPacker 0.02.10.rar VProtector 1.0.rar VProtector 1.1.rar VProtector 1.2.rar VXPack 1.1.3.rar Werus Crypter 1.0.rar Whitell Crypt.rar Wind of Crypt 1.0.rar WingsCrypt 1.0.rar WinKrypt 1.0.rar WinLicense WinLicense WinLicense WinLicense WinLicense WinLicense WinUpack 0.30.rar WinUpack 0.32.rar WinUpack 0.35.rar WinUpack 0.38.rar WinUpack 0.39.rar WL-Crypt 1.0.rar WL-Group Crypter.rar WouThrs EXE Crypter 1.0.rar WWPack32 1.x.rar X-Crypter 1.2.rar X-Crypter 2.0.rar x86 Virtualizer.rar XComp 0.98.rar XcR 0.13.rar XXPack 0.1.rar Yoda Crypter 1.3.rar Yoda Protector 1.02b.rar Yoda Protector 1.03.2.rar Yoda Protector 1.0b.rar YZPack 1.1.rar YZPack 2.0b.rar ZeldaCrypt 1.0.rar ZipWorxSecureEXE 2.5.rar ZProtect 1.3.rar ZProtect 1.4.rar ZProtect ZProtect ZProtect ZProtect Enterprise 1.3.1.rar PE64 x64
    lARP64 Pro 1.0.3.rar lARP64 Pro 1.0.3_old.rar lARP64 Pro 1.0.3_update.rar MPress 1.07 x64.rar MPress 2.12 x64.rar NsPack 3.6 x64.rar PeSpin Pre-Alpha x64.rar PeSpin x64 0.3a.rar PeSpin x64 1.1.rar  




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