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Uppp V0.5


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-Use of PNG images with multiple levels of transparency
-Supports 4 types of patches: offset, search pattern, registry, filedrop
-(Sine-)Scroller instead of about box
-XM player, custom fonts, custom cursor, custom sh!t,...
-Simple encryption of patch-data-resources
-Hyperlink function (of target url)

Note: To run the GUI you will need the .NET 2.0 Runtime, but not for running a created patch !!

Download uPPP v0.5:


Download 'uPPP GUI Guide':


Download 'A Skin Guide for uPPP':


Download 3 running examples:


Download additional cursors and fonts (with fixed filenames !!):


Download uPPP SkinHelper v0.1:


Download uPPP v0.5 Ultimate:


This version has no extra features.

..just bloated with a fat skin + random fun sounds

-No need to vertically flip images anymore
skin guide has been updated accordingly
-Offset patch: able to increase/decrease filesize of target now
-Support for looong URLs ! Example: "www.somewhere.com,http://download.somewhere.com/folder1/folder2/folder****knows/download.zip"
The (short) first link will be shown - but clicking will link to the (long) second !
-Saves window position, opacity and other useless crap
-fixed bugs, bugs, bugs,...
NOTE: You can't load older version's project files, containing offset patches !v0.3b
-Bug in project-saving.. quick fixv0.5
-Custom icon, custom chiptune (restore to template entries with
-Chiptune volume slider
-'Pack' button (packer setting in about box)
Use a '*' as placeholder for the filename in the ArgsBox
Example: * -c0 -f128
-'DefaultSaveName' (setting in about box)
* = AppTitle-PlaceHolder
-Cancel buttons in sub dialogs
-Drag n' drop in patch listview (for sorting)
-Sequence in patch listbox = realtime sequence while patching (for
every kind)
-Autosave for all windows' positions and sizes[Offset patch]
-User input: offset, max, default, prompt, format
-Copy table to clipboard/file context in listview
-'Insert series' of bytes at offset
-'Insert string' context in pattern textbox (insert series)
-Info column and tooltip (multiline)
-Byte counter
-window sizable now
-Progressbar shows progress of saving (since this **** takes by far
most time)
-'Compare' button turns to 'Abort' button while comparing and saving [S+R Patch]
-User input: start offset (from pattern's start), max, default,
prompt, format
-Occurrence check and set (doublerightclick on listview entry)
-'Insert string' context in pattern textboxes
-Info column and tooltip (multiline)
-window sizable now[Registry patch]
-User input: placeholder, max, default, prompt
-Paste placeholder context in regfile-textbox[FileDrop]
-DropPath (relative or system variable), arguments, attributes,
-execute, execute/wait, execute/wait/delete
-overwrite confirmation by user
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Looks really cool, It would be nice to see the ini Edit fields in the actual application thus editing the ini would be easyer and quicker...

Excellent job guys...

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What else can I say than I LOVE IT :D

Great work on that one !

Also thanks to Ecliptic for the skins.

UFO + Ecliptic = UFOCliptic-GFX-Coding-Machine :'D

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Nice work UFO, im curious on whats minimum file size do you expect to achieve?

I had an idea some time ago on universal patcher, that would look like 4k asm demos we all used to see on all major releases in the past (e.g. pre-NT age) with just an addition of a clickable buttons, but i never got the time to actualy try to do it ;)

BR, ChupaChu!

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Thx to all for the comments !

cool stuff! i like the feature with the PNG pictures.
Especially glad that u liked it. You know, it wouldn't have been possible without having seen/used your dUP.

I never intended to rip it or create a competitor.

It's just, that we were dealing with PNG all these months, and wanted something,

that would be used more often, than our PNG keygen templates.

Anyway.. your patch engine will stay top of the art, as I can't add the sh!tload of

advanced features, which dUP is offering.

I also started the GUI in asm, but realized after some hours.. no way.

At this point.. hats off to ur dUP - Jesus, I would have never been able to do half of it in asm...

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What i have to do not to get anymore of that!

In the error message there will be some text that says, "click here". Click on it and copy and paste the details to here or attach it as a text file...


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