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Themida + WinLicense 2.x (Unpacking)

Teddy Rogers

About This File

I want to release a new tutorial about the popular theme Themida - WinLicense. So I see there seems to be still some open questions mostly if my older unpack script does not work anymore and the unpacked files to, etc. So this time I decided to create a little video series on how to unpack and deal with a newer protected Themida target manually where my older public script does fail. A friend of mine did protect unpackme's for this and in the tutorial you will see all steps from A-Z to get this unpackme successfully manually unpacked but this is only one example how you can do it, of course. So the tutorial [videos + text tutorial] is very long and has a run-time of more than three hours and of course it will be necessary that you also read the text parts I made at the same time if possible but if you are already a advanced user then you will have it easier than a newbie. So I hope that you have enough patience to work through the whole tutorial.

So the main attention I set on all things which happen after normal unpacking so the unpack process is the simplest part and all what comes after is the most interesting part and how to deal with all problems that happen. It's more or less like a live unpack session.

I also wrote some small basic little helper scripts which you can also use for other targets to get valuable information if you need.

Short summation:

  • Unpacking
  • Exception analysing
  • VM analysing with UV plugin
  • AntiDump's find & fixing & redirecting "after fix method"
  • Testing on other OS My Special Thanks goes to Lostin who made this unpackme and others + OS's tests. (I want to send a thank you to Deathway again for creating this very handy and helpfully UV plugin).

So this is all I have to say about the tutorial so far, just watch and read and then try it by yourself. Oh! and by the way I record ten videos and not only one. If something does not work or you have any problems with this tutorial, etc. then ask in the support topic only. Don't send me tons of PM's, OK! Thank you in advance.

PS: Oh! and before someone has again something to complain because of my tutorial style [goes to quickly or is bad or whatever] then I just want to say, maybe you're right so normally I don't like to create and write tutorials. This is really not my thing so keep this in your mind.

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Wel Thanks.

This is nice stuff to read on a laptop between the birds in the woods.

Need a sunpanel though, so I buy one making the laptop work forever.

And relax and relax.

PS you make exe video now that,s good because the old swf is not supported anymore,

not a problem this leaking player is gone.

Have a nice day.


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