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Enigma Protector 1.90 - 3.xx Alternativ Unpacker v1.1

Teddy Rogers

About This File

Today I release an unpacker script for Enigma Protector. Maybe you know that I created another unpacker script for Enigma in the past which no-longer works for protected Enigma files greater than 3.70+ and this is the reason why I wrote a new script, Enigma Alternativ Unpacker 1.0.

So what is new in this script? This script will unpack your Enigma protected files and dump the used outer virtual machine. This means you do not need to use the DV / Enigma plugin which is used in my other script. Of course the virtual machine will be still virtualized but your unpacked files will work. It is not the best solution but for the moment it is a good "alternativ" and a working solution.

Features of the script:

( 1.) Unpacking of ENIGMA 1.90 - 3.130+
( 2.) RegSheme Bypass & HWID Changer
( 3.) Enigma CheckUp Killer
( 4.) VirtualMemory Dumper 1.90 - 3.x+ & SC Fixer M1
( 5.) UIF Tool Necessary Sometimes!
( 6.) Enigma Intern Export & VM Scan + Log
( 7.) Improved Import Emulation Fixer
( 8.) Supports Exe & Dll Files [dll at EP!]

This new script again covers almost all the protection features of Enigma Protector like my other script but it has been improved and I have added some extra things that you will see when you get to use it.

I have created four video tutorials for you where you can see what you have to do in some of the different situations you may experience. Be sure that you "watch the videos" before you use the script to prevent some unnecessary questions where you can already find the answers if you watch them and then read my added text files. I also made an UnpackMe set with six different protected files (watch videos how to unpack all of them).

If something does not work for you or if you get any trouble or have any questions then just post a reply on the topic (linked above) to get an answer.

What's New in Version 04/20/2020 01:43 PM   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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