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5 hours ago, adicto said:


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don't forget what type of file it originally is. Aside from being a docker export.



Check also how Docker images are build and how to run a docker container ;)


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could I DM somebody? I stuck on #7, I  think I very very close flag :<

Update: Nervermind, I got it

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Hello guys,

Can anyone confirm my thinking or  give right direction with #CH-5.

I decrypted a lot of stuff/hints and now i am stuck at SR**BE hint

I am struggling with this hint, but i don't know if i am doing it correctly. I just put the string from the hint as a key and nothing decrypt to usable form. Should i just take the magic string from the hint and use it normally or i have to do some operations with it.

Thank you for help.



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9 hours ago, kao said:


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 It's not "Reese", it's "Reese's"! :) Great with banana chips...




Thanks man, got unstuck and solved the challenge

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Can anyone help me with the nudge on challenge 5, to get it started? I believe i have to look for a binary that caused the encryption, where should i at least start looking? can't find anything out of the ordinary in snapshots dir

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I have no idea for #4.

I find a suspicious file and it was loaded.

but I cannot understand what to do.

please help me.

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On 9/23/2021 at 4:58 PM, sadge said:

Regarding #7

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I've decrypted a string from the PNG that resembles a flag, and I've also found that it creates two registry values.

I've looked through all stages of the program and still can't find how I'm meant to get the actual flag from the encoded/encrypted string.

Would appreciate any hints...



Stuck here as well. It feels like I have to guess the next step 😕


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For #6:


I'm not sure how to pair the messages/patches to get some meaningful data. So far I only managed to get an executable (that's not running) by combining the 2 server messages in stream 0

Edit: got it

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On 9/17/2021 at 4:40 PM, Darth Blue said:

@kao i am on chall #9

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I have found the 4 string (L0ve, 5Ex ...) but i still cannot get how rsa use these as a key!

Thanks for any hint


I got the strings mentioned above too. But does anyone program clash after waitingforsingleobject. There is once I got to CryptDecrypt, is there any encryption involved?


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Challenge #4



Now i know every name for every fish, but i  couldn't realize which is the best sequence, i view a specific order inside the memory but doesn't work

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Hello again,

Guys i am so tired with CH5.

Please advice me the last step. I have a password...but what the heck is with this 5th char? When i put password it does not work.

I think i have all letters, problem is with 5th char ...it is not normal?

Can someone DM to me, I will send him a password and i could consult what is wrong with mine?

I am really frustrated with this challenge.



// EDIT:

I solved it. Thank you for hint.

0xMS = no comment :) never stuff like this.

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I've been stuck in #6 for several days now, can't figure out how to combine the 

two files of stream 0, a little nudge would be greatly appreciated.

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Anyone willing to chat with me about 7. I've been stuck on it for a few days now. I've made progress, but feel like I'm wandering aimlessly.

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On 9/21/2021 at 6:16 PM, Washi said:


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While you do not know the key, you do know its size and you also know something about the format of the final plaintext that should come out of it when using that key.


Are all the last letters in the final output is printable?

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On 9/28/2021 at 2:33 AM, unionselect said:

Anyone willing to chat with me about 7. I've been stuck on it for a few days now. I've made progress, but feel like I'm wandering aimlessly.

I am available as a rubber ducky in DMs :)


2 hours ago, Oggy said:

Are all the last letters in the final output is printable?



Would there be a direct consequence if there were unprintable characters in the output?

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Hi !

I'm also stuck on #8,

I have a hard time to guess what the key / output should be (I know the key size, I know that the output should be valid JS code and I have rewritten the decryption algorithm in python).

I don't understand how we can guess the key if the output can contain unprintable characters.



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39 minutes ago, kao said:

What makes you think that? :)


I try bruteforce some letter in key and think so 😅, but afterthat, I'm wrong 🙃.
I need read JS more =)))

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