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How to access any cisco course for free


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Well, I wanted to share this trick to access any cisco course for free.


The value of the cookie must be set to the current day number, instead of 3 like the video, if today is 8 of june, set its value to 8 and it'll work

Few list of courses

NetAcad Curriculums

CCNA Routing and Switching version 6

Semester 1: Introduction to Networks

Semester 2: Routing and Switching Essentials

Semester 3: Scaling Networks

Semester 4: Connecting Networks


IT Essentials version 6

CCNA Security version 2

Cybersecurity version 2

Big Data & Analytics

Feel free to share more courses links, specially if you find the links for CCNA 7

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Just the other day i went through the process of  signing up for the "free" courses  as they state only to find out otherwise. Thank you for sharing.

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Hi you can go for CCNA Training in Pune, CCNA Classesin Pune helps validate your ability to install configure, operate, & troubleshoot medium-size route & switched networks. average salary offered to CCNA Course in Pune. It will boost career with greater marketability.

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Are you in need to know about developer gis as that was what there are many who will look forward to that. In case you all need to know how to access any cisco course for free, then this site right here will be a huge aid for those who can see it and look forward to it for now. Read this through and we can hope that you will like it for one reason or another for the better work.

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