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Why ping doesn't work???


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Why ping doesn't work???
I have two computers: one laptop with Windows 7 SP1 and one PC with Windows XP SP2.
I have internet access on all computers.
If I connect computers trough routers -> ping (command prompt) doesn't work (time out)
while the ping from the router page works ok.
If I reinstall on PC with Windows XP SP2 the OS Windows 7 SP1 ping doesn't work neither - so that won't solve my problem!
If I connect the two computers with an UTP cable, I make a peer-to-peer network, I set proper IPs: result: the ping works ok.
The IP addresses from router page seems to be of all devices with was once connected, and not devices which are currently connected!
From what I saw it seems that problems come from the router!

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I've forget some infos:


Device Information
Software Version     RP2624
Device Model     AN5506-02-FG

I tend to think that my router is a piece of crap!

@Extreme Coders: My router doesn't have that option!

I've found a strange thing:
Settings » LAN » DHCP Server
Option60 with two options Disabled or Server


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Extreme Coders

DHCP is for assigning IPs to devices when they connect to the router.

Looks like this is a common problem with that brand of router.
Check this gist: https://gist.github.com/kbeflo/de3b1610b1879f8e92966ba106f83f97

Apparently, there seems to be a client isolation feature buts its hidden in the main ui.
Have to edit the html in order to display it. No idea whether it'll work or not.



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Many thanks to all who helped me!
Now I'm sure that Isolation is the problem.
A firmware upgrade of router may be a solution, but I can't find any firmware for that device!
I would even downgrade my router firmware if that would solve my problem!

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The optical receiver I have is for TV not internet!
My bad!!!

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