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This is my first post on tuts4 you :D

I hope that this is the right section, if not, please delete this post!

Ok so...
Few months ago I have made public my internal project called REDasm on GitHub.
Basically it's a cross platform disassembler with an interactive listing (but it's still far, if compared to IDA's one) and it can be extended with its API in order to support new formats, assemblers and analyzers.

Currently it supports:

  • Portable Executable
    • VB5/6 decompilation .
    • It can detect Delphi executables, a decompiler is WIP.
    • .NET support is WIP.
    • Debug symbols are displayed, if available.
  • ELF Executables
    • Debug symbols are displayd, if available.
  • DEX Executables
    • Debug symbols are displayed, if available.
  • x86 and x86_64 is supported.
  • MIPS is supported and partially emulated.
  • ARM support is implemented but still WIP.
  • Dalvik assembler is supported.

Most common assemblers are implemented by using Capstone library, Dalvik assembler is written manually and even the upcoming MSIL/CIL assembler will be implemented manually.

The entire project is written in C++ and its UI is implemented with Qt5, internally, the disassembler is separated in two parts: LibREDasm and UI.
LibREDasm doesn't contains any UI related dependencies, it's just pure C++, one day I will split it in two separate projects.

Some links with source code, nightlies and wiki:

And some screenshots:



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  • 6 months later...

Yes, it's still active: I'm working on version 2.0 on the "next" branch, GitHub doesn't show branch activities.
I have posted a video preview on Twitter few days ago which shows the upgraded engine in action along with the brand new disassembly widget.

NOTE: Some parts of the UI are still disabled in that video, I have attached a screenshot with the latest enhancements here (the UI is still ugly, I'm planning to clearing up a bit).


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  • 2 months later...

REDasm 2.0 is available for download at http://redasm.io, binary packages has been tested on Windows and Linux.
I have attached some screenshots to see how it looks now.

Source Code: https://github.com/REDasmOrg/REDasm


- Brand new disassembler engine.
- Brand new disassembler widget.
- Brand new Signature Engine (SDB files).
- Brand new Hex Widget.
- Multithreaded analysis.
- QtWebEngine powererd graphs.
- Simplified LibREDasm API.
- Reimplemented Emulation APIs.
- Improved ARM/Thumb switch heuristics.
- Improved ARM listing.
- Added IDA style popup on symbols.
- Added Dark Theme.
- Added jump arrows in listing.
- Recent file support.
- Projects support (RDB files).
- Improved keyboard shortcuts.
- CMake Porting.
- UI/LibREDasm/Database split.
- MSVC RTTI Analysis.
- MSVC Demangling.
- Improved VB Decompiler.
- Implemented GBA Loader (WIP).
- Implemented N64 Loader (WIP).
- Unified loader for ELF Format (Little/Big endian, 32/64 bits).
- Unified loader for PE Format (Little/Big endian).
- Clang support on 64bit.
- UI Redesign.
- Lots of bug fixes.






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Are there even bigendian PE files though?

How does QtWebEngine power the graph?

How does Clang play into all of this?


On Linux I get


./REDasm: error while loading shared libraries: libQt5WebEngine.so.5: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

What's the expected way of installing or supplying Qt? I develop with Qt myself, so have a full Qt installation present.

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Oooops, copy/paste fails 🤣
Yes you're right,  PE is a LE-only format.

About the QtWebEngine:
I'm using it with d3js and dagre-d3 in order to rendering graphs (because I'm not good to create a nice graph layout algorithm), the minimum required version is Qt 5.9 LTS, which version are you using?

About Clang:
I have used Clang 7 during the final development phase, because it generates better warnings than gcc, so it can compile REDasm.
There are some issues on 32 bit systems (there is a bug report for that).

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Ah so clang support means you can compile it with clang, got it.

I'm running Ubuntu 18.04 with default Qt5.95. Should work? I will look into it in the coming days.

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i downloade REDasm 2.1 but it dease not run on my pc and i have win7 32bits installed 

is this normal or it's dont support the 32bit OS?


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@Dax 1est of all thanx for your relay

& 2nd i'haven't enought knowledg in programming so plz can u help me more to resolve this problem

&thnx in advanced 


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