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CIA Hacking Tools Revealed


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Teddy Rogers

None of this I find surprising. There have been concerns for years with discussion and information leaked in the past regarding the hacking of IoT devices for covert and malicious practices. Nice treasure trove though!


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Interesting indeed, always knew antivirus were just backdoors.. IoT is a joke there has never been any security on them.. you 'could' watch supermarket camera's / most surveillence camera's online with just a clever google search.. same problem mostly.. crap password or just default setups.. some stupider companies embedded backdoor logins or just plainly not configurable.. closing all your ports on windows is a great idea (especially netbios) , disabling ipv6 is for now a great idea for now as dns traffic (546) can be used for nefarious purposes(mostly unknown about by most).. avoid java all together and flash / pdf.. tor is crap (exit nodes), torrents (sha1 collisions can now be used to detect the best hidden ones or replace files to infect users unaware).. Some companies have memory malware so undetectable file wise.. Also registry can be used to hide and run code, yes many unpatched tricks there... files hidden in alternate data streams in ntfs files / pictures using stenography or hard drive sectors.. so many different ways i could go on for ages here.. lol either way no one is unhackable there is always a way and they know and keep secret all of them.

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