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RunPE Detector


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Here a simple anti Phrozen RunPE Detector



RunPE Undetected.rar

This solution can bypass  Phrozen RunPE Detector on memory!

I spent 30 minutes on this lame security software ( Phrozen RunPE Detector )

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the target is detected:


First uploaded 2016-10-29 21:52:20 GMT
Last scanned 2016-10-29 21:52:20 GMT
Filetype Win32 Executable Microsoft Visual Basic 6
File size 524 KB
MD5 B162D7E8A29DA06EF22F7C3AFF270E05
SHA1 EC6013FB643ED49C22DA2DB51B0DBD1D21C3DB64
SHA256 0BD6FB12A8454C28663F2F773CC3C9E765B55D409461F50CCEEA3C852509D4C8

If you use write Process memory so that wrong way to protect runpe method.

Really I'm not interested to analyze a detected target by virus scan engine.



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12 hours ago, evlncrn8 said:

'wrong way' ? you mean we're not allowed to use apis to patch the process memory of runpe ?

no i did not meant you're own process i meant the detector memory, actually writing to runpe memory is good but not enough to make it FUD.

tray to run the protected by DRGMax and RunPE Detector inside sandboxie then double click on the runpe, then you'll sea  the different.

take a look at this tool:

by the way this topic is not a Anti-RunPE challenge, it is just to inform about Phrozen RunPE Detector.



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