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Undetected traffic when sniffing?


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So I noticed a few things. I was attempting to sniff traffic from an android/ios application and it wasn't showing up in Fiddler2/Burp. It possibly showed up in Wireshark but it's encrypted and I can't read it. Long story short, I disabled SSL Pinning and have both Fiddler/Burp setup properly. It shows HTTPS/SSL traffic BUT it doesn't show all of the websockets. I believe it's a similar issue to WhatsApp/Facebook Messenger. When I try to sniff traffic from those chat applications it does not show any incoming/outgoing traffic. Any ideas what next steps I should take? I KNOW there is traffic going and leaving, but it's not being intercepted.

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Fiddler sets the System Proxy to, but maybe those applications dont use that. You can "force" that with Proxifier or similar tools.    // for Windows


EDIT: Oops... i didn't read correctly :wacko: Maybe its the same way on mobile.

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