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503 Errors?


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Just out of curiosity from my understanding, on high traffic servers, are there really no ways around 503 errors? I know this question sounds silly and probably illogical but for some servers I try to access they hit high amounts of traffic and begin to crash returning 503 errors. (Ex. some clothing sites, maybe gaming sites, etc.) 


There are instances where I'm running over 100 proxies and some proxies were able to get through while the others are getting 503 errors. To increase my odds of getting actual access to the server I would assume I would have to increase my numbers in proxies. Is this an irrational way of thinking? I feel there are some people who found exploits and tricks to still access the webserver even when it's returning 503 for most users. 


I know I can't grasp my head around it, it doesn't sound believable. I assume 503 just means the server is literally taking a crap and isn't letting anybody in.

Example: early today I attempted to make a purchase, I ran MANY accounts, all struggled to access the site. While some users were gloating about how easy it was and it was no problem.

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