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Navia and baisik from that site put the forum back to a somewhat similar look to what it used to be. A bit more condensed, less wasted space and still in a white color scheme. 

infinite offers the same with some more customization to the colors easily per-use.


Sadly all the themes being advertised look to all be plauged by the same whitespace issues in posts. Some simple posts take up so much space because of how linebreaks are being handled. I don't see how IPB releases things like this every time with all these glaring problems, it's like they don't test their own software before pushing it.

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Hi again,

so you guys know my opinion about the new forum style already (don't like it) and I thought it would be maybe a good idea to create any new Vote topic and to ask all members whether they want this new forum style or the old forum style back.So I can't create such topic by myself on this new forum style (no idea how to do it) but maybe anyone of you or Ted itself can create such topic.Of course its just a idea.As I can see this new forum style makes also trouble to show everything correctly (big space issues & everything is too large and unclean and good old features and infos are also missing) and I think it would be better to switch back to old forum style so long till the new one has no bugs anymore and till the voting is over etc.


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@LCF-AT - from what I understand, it's not possible to get "old forum style" back, as the entire forum engine was upgraded. The new forum engine doesn't support the old skin. :( 

There are 2 options: 
a. Teddy is looking into getting some better skin installed (see https://forum.tuts4you.com/topic/37704-new-forum-style/?do=findComment&comment=178589).
b. As I mentioned in the other thread (https://forum.tuts4you.com/topic/14691-site-suggestions-and-complaints/?do=findComment&comment=178565), it's possible to modify forum style inside your browser. That's what I did, because the current skin was absolutely untolerable for me. If and how it can be done, depends on the browser you're using and your CSS/JS skills. I can try to find a simple tutorial, if that helps.

If you're interested, this is how forum currently looks for me.





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Hi kao,

so you mean there is no chance to re-install etc the old forum theme back?!Uhhmmmm!Just great!So I don't understand why this company IPS etc does throw new theme engines under the roof if they don't know whether the people like it or not without to support the old themes anymore.I hate that Scheiße!So you also don't buy a red car and next week the car is green (suddenly) so in that case I bring it back and want my money back of course.Men men men men men you!Just stupid people around or what!Sometimes I really can't understand such things so I people want to decide by oneself what they wanna use or not and not getting anything on the table where you only can choose between "eat or die".So then its also not Teddys fault or (I thought so - I am sorry Ted).Maybe it would be a better idea not to update before you did update the last time.So if you visit my gRn forum (why is my avatar below away?) there you can see we using same theme as before on T4Y just with a other color.Anyway,the new style sucks and all is slower then before also to write a message like this hangs and this stupid FF message each time about any session whatever annoy me too.Who said again not to change a running system. :) Anyway,I am just bored and angry about that forum trouble (good thing on the problem is that I now visit my forum more offten than before).So the fun is now limited and that no good development.

Thanks again for the infos kao to make something with tampamonkey etc but I really don't wanna install another stuff + modding etc just to get a other look back.Maybe then my FF browser works slower than before or something.But thanks kao.I think I am too old and tired + lazy to handle every internet problem issue etc like this anymore as in the past.Anyway,will see whether I can live with that new slowly error style or not (more or less).

Maybe for some of you it sounds a little bit exaggerated & ridiculous but handling & speed & user-friendliness are some must have prerequisites for me to feel like at home (similar as you come home and jump in your comfortable hot pants :) ) and the new style can't fulfill these requirements unfortunately.Ok I see I do write novels again.Sorry.


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Well, @Teddy Rogers would be the right person to answer your complaints. I can only offer my opinion. :)

1) Usually there is no way to downgrade the forum back to old version. It should be possible to take the old backup copy, restore it how it was before upgrade and lose ~80 new posts and 20 new members.  But I don't think Teddy will want to do that.

2) Which brings me to the next point - there are things in life we can't change. Sure, the forum upgrade could have done in a better way, but that's how it is. So, instead of getting very annoyed, it's better to try to figure out a way around the new problems.

3) Installing Tampermonkey (or Greasemonkey for Firefox) should not slow down anything for you - it only injects the javascript you want on the site you want. So, your normal web browsing should not be affected at all, and the script would be only modifying tuts4you appearance. Give it a try, uninstalling extension from Firefox takes seconds.. Here's script I'm using now: http://pastebin.com/KKxDDjbf - maybe it will inspire you to make something that you like..

4) Not sure what that "stupid FF message" is. I'm using Chrome and it works without any message. I had to deny "this site wants to show notifications" message once, that's it.


P.S. I don't jump into special comfortable hot pants when I get home. I prefer to wear comfortable clothing all day long. ;)

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Hi kao,

so it seems the old style will never come back anymore. :( I try to come clear with that point.Lets talk about that script you did postet so how to use it?I have Greasemonkey already so can I use it with that too and if yes why I can't see any different?I also have to say I didn't use GM for very long time and don't know what to setup to get the script working with FF etc you know.So about the FF message...

"You want to display notifications from this site?"

...so I get this message each time if I access any site on T4Y and it dosen't go away for ever anyway whether I choose one of the three choices.No idea what it is etc.

PS: Good idea to wear comfortable stuff all day if possible. :)

Thanks again so far and greetz

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I tested steps on Win7 with latest English versions Firefox and Greasemonkey. If you have older versions, steps might be little different.

1) To disable notification: either choose "Always block notifications" in this box:



or right-click page, choose View Page Info -> Permissions -> find "Show notifications" -> uncheck Default and check Block:



2) Greasemonkey. If it's running, you should have icon on top-right corner. Press the arrow next to monkey and choose "new user script". 



Fill in the boxes:



Press OK and you will get the window like this:



Copy javascript code from my pastebin, starting from "your code here".  (When you try to paste it in the monkey script box, it may complain that it could be a security issue and ask you to type "allow pasting". If so, type "allow pasting" in the script box, and then paste the code.)

It should look like this now:



Press "save" and reload tuts4you page. If you did it correctly, the page style should change. After that - it's up to you to decide which style and how you want to change.


If you totally hate Greasemonkey or my styling, just remove the script using Monkey's "Manage user scripts" menu and you'll be back where you started.


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Hi kao,

ok thank you for the detailed infos so now I got it working. :) Now it looks a little else than before.So what can I do to make other changes or what can I change?Is it also possible to change the view after you did press on unread content?So I hate this new content view,so can you do also anything about that to get any old style back to see just the topic names listet etc (you know what I mean)?Can I also change the sizes styles?I mean the sizes of the member boxes are very large and I would like to have this smaller so that I see more of the right side (text etc).Thanks again so far kao.


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Styles, fonts and colors - you can change pretty much everything. It's a question of finding the correct CSS style and modifying it. You can see my script for examples, I had some comments there. But I am definitely not a Javascript/CSS/HTML wizard - in fact, I'm learning as I go and try to modify something. Changing functionality of site is possible but much harder. Since my knowledge of web technologies is limited, I won't be able to do that.

About member info on left side of every post, I already stripped quite a few items from it. If you want to make that column more narrow, adding this should help:

.ipsColumn_medium { width: 150px; }

So, just stuff it somewhere in the end of script, like this:

// rounded borders of sections titles
'.ipsType_sectionTitle, .ipsWidget_title { ; border-radius: 4px 4px 0 0;}',    

//more narrow poster information column for LCF-AT
'.ipsColumn_medium { width: 150px; }',

then save the script and reload site. 

About content view, I'm not so sure what you want. There's an icon on top-right side which allows to switch between "condensed" and "expanded" views. Expanded view shows entire post, condensed - just topic name. If that's not what you want, it would help me a lot, if you could make a screenshot, and use Paint to draw some arrows and notes, showing what you want. 

In any case, go on and try out modifying stuff yourself - it's hard to break anything, at the very worst you'll need to copy-paste the monkey script again.

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Hi again,

coolio thanks for the info. :) Oh I didn't seen this button but what I mean is I only want to see the topics where something was postet into and not all listet infos by member xy who did post anything if possible.One other thing.If I set the view to condensed then I can't see quickly in which topic / cat it was postet so the color is same.So what I have to enter into script to set the cats with colors like "CrackMe's / UnPackMe's / KeygenMe's" or "Miscellaneous Questions" etc so this I want to color in any other color to see it quickly where it was postet (similar as Olly or ASM color sheme so without that I can't work).I also have no idea about Javascripting and also don't know what to write if I wanna do something like a color change etc you know.Thanks again so far.


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@LCF-AT: Could you please make some sketch in Paint how you imagine it should look? It doesn't have to look good, just explain your idea in a picture or two.. :) I'll see what I can do.

To learn the basics, http://www.w3schools.com/ is pretty nice resource. And then I'm just using Google Chrome Developers Tools to check page source, see all the styles and modify them until I find what I need. Google tells me you can do something similar in Firefox with Firebug


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Ok I made a little picture with changes so that you can see what I mean.Just the color I mean of the category.Just one color / any color so I think later anyone can change the color to any other color so I think.So I hope you can see the picture so I am not sure before I submit this reply (can't see any image button to add).


PS: Also I don't like this new method to write replys so there is no preview function (sucks) and if I submit a reply then it takes a long time till my post was postet (gahhh) and now I also see I can't add images too. (Uhhmm)

PS: Ok I will see so I use the tools too in FF but with other attentions.Thanks for the link,will see whether I can get smarter to make something later to get more looking changes for this forum. :)


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Something like this should work. Just stuff it in the script somewhere..

//highlight certain subforums in "Activity" log
'div > .ipsType_blendLinks > a[href="https://forum.tuts4you.com/forum/38-packers-protectors/"] { color: red; font-size: 20px; }',
'div > .ipsType_blendLinks > a[href="https://forum.tuts4you.com/forum/39-site-bug-reports-and-technical-issues/"] { color: #FF69B4;  }',    
'div > .ipsType_blendLinks > a[href="https://forum.tuts4you.com/forum/47-programming-and-coding/"] { color: blue; background-color: yellow;  }',


It's up to you to decide which subforums to highlight, and what colors, fonts and sizes to use. :) I'm sure you can modify my example according to your tastes.

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The old forum will not be coming back particularly as the upgrade has been completed and we have been running with the board for a while. At some point in the future IPS will stop supporting IPB 3.x and it will be a case of deciding to stick with something that may be exploitable in the future or move on and embrace the changes. Technology never stands still so we move on.

As mentioned in a previous post above I am willing to purchase a skin(s) for the board if we can agree to find something we like that will make your time here a happier one. The only restriction will be picking a skin from a respected developer that will continue to receive support. The last thing we all need is for a skin to continually break every time there is a minor board update.

I have already been raising issues with/at IPS and it looks like some of the bugs/suggestions I have raised may be implemented/fixed in the near future. If any of you want to provide constructive bugs or criticisms I will be happy taking these up with IPS.

Regarding the big gaps with old topics/posts, I am still working on this. Obviously I want to complete this automatically and without damaging other topics/posts, manually going through and fixing 100k+ posts will not make for a good day because I messed up running a query.

If people think the board width needs to be smaller please let me know, we can trial running some different width and styles if needs be...


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Hey thanks kao for the infos again. :) Ok now I can setup the cats with some colors to check quickly where something was postet.

@Teddy Rogers

You know I have no ideas about this internet page etc stuff but if I understand it right then we do use now IPB 4.x and before it was 3.x right?I checked out the themes of that link you did post before and there I can see some themes which are looking almost same as the theme we used before too.One theme called "snapshot" what looks so.In description I read this "Snapshot Free 4.x version coming soon".Does it mean it can be used for IPB 4.x so like I can see it or not?It makes me a little confuse.I don't the name of the theme / skin we used before on this forum but they look all almost same.


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