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Deploying TLS The Hard Way...

Teddy Rogers

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Deploying TLS The Hard Way


Last weekend I finally deployed TLS for timtaubert.de and decided to write up what I learned on the way hoping that it would be useful for anyone doing the same. Instead of only giving you a few buzz words I want to provide background information on how TLS and certain HTTP extensions work and why you should use them or configure TLS in a certain way.


One thing that bugged me was that most posts only describe what to do but not necessarily why to do it. I hope you appreciate me going into a little more detail to end up with the bigger picture of what TLS currently is, so that you will be able to make informed decisions when deploying yourselves.


To follow this post you will need some basic cryptography knowledge. Whenever you do not know or understand a concept you should probably just head over to Wikipedia and take a few minutes or just do it later and maybe re-read the whole thing.





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