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WikiLeaks releases weaponised German surveillance malware...

Teddy Rogers

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WikiLeaks releases previously unseen copies of weaponised German surveillance malware


FinFisher (formerly part of the UK based Gamma Group International until late 2013) is a German company that produces and sells computer intrusion systems, software exploits and remote monitoring systems that are capable of intercepting communications and data from OS X, Windows and Linux computers as well as Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile devices. FinFisher first came to public attention in December 2011 when WikiLeaks published documents detailing their products and business in the first SpyFiles release.


Since the first SpyFiles release, researchers published reports that identified the presence of FinFisher products in countries aroud the world and documented its use against journalists, activists and political dissidents.


Julian Assange, WikiLeaks Editor in Chief said: "FinFisher continues to operate brazenly from Germany selling weaponised surveillance malware to some of the most abusive regimes in the world. The Merkel government pretends to be concerned about privacy, but its actions speak otherwise. Why does the Merkel government continue to protect FinFisher? This full data release will help the technical community build tools to protect people from FinFisher including by tracking down its command and control centers."


FinFisher Relay and FinSpy Proxy are the components of the FinFisher suite responsible for collecting the data acquired from the infected victims and delivering it to their controllers. It is commonly deployed by FinFisher's customers in strategic points around the world to route the collected data through an anonymizing chain, in order to disguise the identity of its operators and the real location of the final storage, which is instead operated by the FinSpy Master.





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hypocrite ....


a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie the stated beliefs.



sadly the governments in the middle east are their best clients.

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anyone who wants to learn wifi sec can get courses for ~5k usd from ORIGINAL AUTHORS of mainstream tools like aircrack, reaver, etc - do not pay these fools 25k eur! same things goes for their garbage java RAT w/no kernel protections for 1.5 million eur and 75k eur for exploits requiring user interaction. complete ripoff! no wonder the journalists etc are still active because this surely won't stop them, and wikileaks needs to stop promoting these code stealing fools as if they should be taken seriously

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Funny how malware can get legit when sold among goverments.

When looking at them they arent that well maid, and av scanners pick most up.
So the license must be a kind of yeah we bought it, so lets use it.
Either gov devs are bad at making malware, or got to buy something
In any other buisness you would your money back

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