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ProtectioniD - call to arms...


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as some of you are probably aware, cdkiller has disappeared and seems uncontactable, he emailed me once saying he would be in touch, but that was over a year ago ...


im trying to keep the project going, but now its really just a 'one man show' and i have a lot of real life stuff to deal with, so if anyone would like to help by giving files, detection info, code (asm preferred but i can port it if necessary), detection methods etc please contact me at the *new* email address -> protectionidteam at outlook.com (edited to avoid spammers), you should know how to piece it together

also, that means i have no information on the beta testers, so as a result i am opening that up again, simply contact me on the email saying what you can bring to the project (testing, code etc) and i'll respond as soon as i can

i plan to keep the project open as im sure thats what cdkiller would have wanted, hopefully he might see this (and/or some of the other things i did to reach out to him) and get in touch, but continue we must..

i've updated the code a lot, mostly on the build system, some code fixes and bugs fixed (including the windows 7 one), detections are at 540 at the moment and i plan to release a public beta very soon (maybe at the weekend if time permits), so if you want to beta test, or even help out, please do contact me

(posted in the pid thread but noone replied in 5 days.. kinda disappointing, was hoping for more response than that, so maybe this post will get more attention)...

to recap..

im trying to keep the project open, that means you can beta test / supply info / help if you want to.. just use the contact email above, or maybe also post here if you want..

@mods - if this is in the wrong place, please move it

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(posted in the pid thread but noone replied in 5 days.. kinda disappointing, was hoping for more response than that, so maybe this post will get more attention)...


cant seem to find that, somehow.



it seems ac!d got knocked out October, 12th 2011...let`s hope he`s ok. :(


mailed you.





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@chixiaojie = yep im tippex and no 6.4.1 is not public, but... 6.5.5 should be soon (after beta testing etc)... hopefully very soon

@deepzero - yep ac!d / cdkiller seems to have really disappeared, all of the accounts he had are idle, he emailed me about a year ago saying he would be back and i heatd nothing since... i do hope hs' ok and i also hope he'll come back, or at least get in touch with me

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I was on beta testing but that was a long time ago now, before i even gave you the source code for AI for (hopefully) helping with Armadillo detection, pretty much since then i've not heard much back except for the odd public post about cdkiller's MIA status. Hope he's okay and you have a more luck this time with putting together a new version, hopefully even with Armadillo version detection *complete*...HR,


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hi ghandi, i havent forgotten the arma code, infact im going through it at the moment to try and get the 6.5.5 version done, you put a lot of work into AI,

the shuffled dwords thing is causing a big problem in my code, zlib crashes (which is the design of the shuffled dwords i guess), and i use a different method

than you do to find the pdata stuff, so im having to do a bit of code translation and figuring stuff out, and debugging.. and crashing (you know the drill im sure)

i still haven't heard from cdkiller, hopefully i will sometime soon

hope all is going well for you too m8

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Why don't you make it open source? I might be totally incorrect here, actually I probably am, but... It sounds like your just asking for code from people to add to a dying software to give it new life, Now I can understand if it was open source and people who contributed are credited for there work, but it sounds like it wont be open source even for those people who have contributed. Anyway like I said I could be completely wrong about this, its just the way it sounds to me...

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@Departure: do you actually *need* the source for PID? Aren't credits in About box enough to satisfy your ego?

For example, I couldn't care less for source code. What I need is the tool that works reliably and is updated regularly, that's it. :)

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I don't need the source code and it's not my ego that needs satisfying, but if people are going to contribute to a project with there own code, one would think they would be able to examine the source, there is no "I" in team, and when people contribute that makes them part of the team. The guy is asking for help from other coders to code part of the project, I thought it would be standard procedure to allow the contributes to have access to the projects source. kao and your right.. most people couldn't care less about the source code because they haven't contributed anything. same as most people don't really care what you need or don't need. I was just making a suggestion that if he wanted more people contributing to the code as he ask for, then he should think about making it open source, this has proven to yield the best results with other projects going around the net.

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actually im asking that if they have anything they want to add in then to send it (never once did i say i would copy / paste the code, i mentioned snippets or info, then i planned to code it..) credits would have been given in the info and on the website, standard procedure?... for what exactly? source access also wouldnt be needed, as there is a plugin system already in place where you can put your name in the plugin and anything gui really

instead of trying to second guess me, if you want to contribute thats fine, feel free to email, thats what its there for, if you dont, well.. dont..

as it is there are 2 people who contributed some code and snippets, who i wont name, for their privacy but they know me... they never asked for credit, so some people do just want to help without wanting their ego stroked

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Thats great, good luck I can see real progress being made here, Ohh that was over 8 months ago... people get so touchy when suggesting to make there projects open source for the benefit of the project, look sorry I suggested it, I was hoping you would have more developers interested and more progress made as that is what open source projects normally brings. not sure where your getting the ego thing from, but no im not interested in contributing to a closed source project but thanks for the offer. Good luck and look forward to seeing this project revived with new features.

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nice, well checked, i released 6.5.5 before my post...

benefit of the public? - i have seen projects ruined when people decided to 'help'

my ego?.. i was referring to yours (as did someone else) - where you think theres a pretty little open source world full of open source unicorns shitting open source rainbows in a happy happy land where anyone who contributed gets a credit somewhere? where you think demanding (or trying to) the project goes open source (where others have raised the question long long long before you), i didnt ask for your contribution ever, i simply stated how i see things...

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I sent you some time ago a couple of VFP protected files if i remember right. Protected with Defox, Refox, VFP Compiler etc. The latest build does not recognise a Refox branded file for example. It just detects the compiler not the protection. Do you remember what i speak?

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i know its a false alert but eset says theres sum trojan varient in the 6.55 release..i even had to disable it to d/ld...

"Variant of Generic.FAZEPGI"


just a heads up




cheers all


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super,cos avg flagged it as well (i've contacted them though) all having different 'results' for the false positives..

so currently, eset, microsoft and avg flag pid ... thanks for the heads up, i'll try and contact eset but dont hold

your breath :(

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yeah man..i have to disable est all together to even run this version..but the last version works fine with eset..


cheers man and nice to see this still going strong :)



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yeh and oddly not much changed core code wise for those versions, just some signature updates.. so i have no idea whats tripping eset up :(

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