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VDisAsm Interactive Disassembler


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Thank for your feedback :)

As you may notice it was provided link to crowdfunding website.

It means project needs to raise money to be intensively developed.

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hm...there supposedly are other projects, acc to reddit...although i cant seem to find the post atm.


ui framework?


can we have a sample (like in the video) to play with?

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I also noticed few other things, like Exelab thread: http://forum.exelab....m=6&topic=18101

Почти нет времени нормально заняться дизасмом.

Поэтому приведу код в нормальный вид и выложу что есть на google code:


Если кто-то захочет помогать с допилом, всегда пожалуйста.

Текущее состояние можно оценить по демке:


Approximate translation:

I have almost no time to work on disasm. Therefore I'll clean up the code and post it on Google Ccode:


I'd be very happy, if someone helped to finish the project.

The current state can be seen in the demo:


The posts were later edited and all references to Google code or runnable demos removed. Such behavior only makes me doubt in your abilities to deliver on your promises.

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There was thread on exelab. About time disasm was started (more than a year ago). Developing and funding this alone was quite a hard task.

This way googleproject was created in hope more people will be involved and help developing.

That was bad idea, opensource project would neither have developers nor money.

And finally crowdfunding project created. If it will not succeed, development will still proceed, just don't know how fast.


ui framework?

delphi vcl


delphi/fpc, c for some libs


no, maybe partially in far perspective

can we have a sample (like in the video) to play with?

I wanted to create some demo. But now rewriting many things and it's too raw to go in public,

so making videos on good sample was chosen.

if there will be some demo to play with, it will be available for download.

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I don't think this is a good project idea. You want to code a disassembler/decompiler for several platforms alone? This is too much for one person, you will need years to create a useful program.

If you want to do a useful project: open source x64 debugger

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Dragon Palace

This tool is useless. can't do everything compare with OD.

It say decompiler, but it can't decompiling everything. It say debugger, but can't debug everything. no breakpoint, no step into, to run.

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