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Vote To what you think it is the best Security Suite ?



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  1. 1. Which Anti-Malware "Security Software" Do you Use ?

    • Kaspersky
    • BitDefender
    • Avast
    • Eset
    • AVG
    • Norton
    • Avira
    • G-Data
    • Viper
    • Comodo
    • Agnitium
    • Malwarebytes
    • Microsoft
    • McAfee
    • F-Secure
    • Panda
    • TrendMicro
    • PC Tools
    • Webroot
    • Trustport

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never test them all. :) I dont know which is the best.I only can say that Avira [latest version] has a bug.

Scan with other Anti tool =

aescript.dll ist durch den Virus "Gen:Trojan.Heur.Cu9@Y!CHhQgi (DB)" infiziert! Maßnahme ergriffen: Datei wird beim Neustart umbenannt.aeheur.dll ist durch den Virus "Gen:Trojan.Heur.Mx9@XcmYEfei (DB)" infiziert! Maßnahme ergriffen: Datei wird beim Neustart umbenannt.

They still not fixed the wrong detect problem after some weeks now!The new version is also slower than the version before [too much flash trash etc] and it loads someting all few minutes in the background [older version never did this before].Also updating need always more than 5 minutes also if no new files are to update.If Avira detect something then you get the message also very late to see.The old info box was better and quicker.Maybe not the best tool anymore but its free.


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aren't they all just signature engines? Their HIPS engines can't even prevent popular software passwords from bring stolen once some noob crypter gets the binary past scanning..

A lot of people are learning and going with sandboxie or appguard and a firewall..

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yehh sandboxie is definitly a precious option for reverse engineers..

I think the future will be for virtualization and cloud security..dots.gif

sorry if my english is bad..euro.gif

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Their not just signature engines, they are complete suites. Commodo for instance has not only the sandbox protection feature but also app defense and it works extremely well from what I have noticed. Very detailed, but you have to know what you want. Kaspersky has something similar as well as some of the others. Some only seem to visualize web sessions, some visualize keystrokes designed to protect passwords but it seems they are all moving into the vitalization direction. I think their also trying to move away from signatures but at the moment it is their bread and butter compared to heuristics and other such technologies. They always claim to be optimizing their signature engines. Who knows...

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