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Pakistan to Ban Virtual Private Networks...

Teddy Rogers

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Teddy Rogers

Pakistan to Ban Virtual Private Networks

The Pakistani government has stepped up enforcement of a ban on private communications in the country, reminding Internet service providers (ISPs) to report customers who use encrypted virtual private networks (VPNs). Such a clampdown on Internet encryption is "dangerous" and benefits cybercriminals, security vendor Sophos warned.

According to a report by The Guardian, the Pakistan Telecommunications Authority has sent a legal notice ordering ISPs to inform authorities if their customers use encrypted VPN technology, Special permission is required for such use, the notice stated.

The government had banned VPN access, fearing terrorists could make use of the technology to communicate privately and such traffic cannot be monitored. Currently, all Internet traffic passes through the Pakistan Internet Exchange, which can be intercepted by intelligence agencies in the country, said The Guardian.





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I am always shocked to see what governments do in order to stop the so-called terorism.

In the end these governments which try to "protect us" could simply put handcuffs to all citizens and they would finish the whole thing.

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Dictatorial system of government do not want any people to have free use of the Internet because The Internet allows people to know

And people will wake up and not go under oppression.

governments are not scared of religion They are afraid of Facebook and Twitter, Religions do not encourage people to freedom but The knowledge that encourages people to freedom.Poor and oppressed people around the world is waking up And this is thanks to the Internet.

Excuse me for my english

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govt got many reason to ban or intercept services related to internet but their base doesn't seems to be good enough. face book is being intercepted in our country and the reason for it was terrorists used it for messaging

it will only lead to increase of tor-net or similar channels

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Any Govt cant monitor every byte being transferred on net. Banning some social sites/forums or even chat appz or VPNs , i doubt it can be helpful anyways.

And btw, If its Paki Govt, I really doubt if they r serious about Terrorism :D.

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Do it like Iran have in mind: remove internet altogether (for common people anyways) and build a country-wide intranet. You can have national facebook/twitter/email clones, but anything important like research or business links to the internet are all routed through a single backbone.

Most people won't even care as long as they can poke and like whistling.gif

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I²P has built-in proxy, available at Google Code and Launchpad.

Tell them The Firewall, tell them The Trueth.


Only if behind The Firewall that throttles or blocks outbound TCP

open router.config (in $HOME/.i2p on Linux/Mac and %APPDATA%\I2P on Windows)

add one line


save changes and restart.


I²P内置代理,可到Google CodeLaunchpad下载。




打开router.config文件 (在Linux/Mac系统的$HOME/.i2p目录与在Windows系统的%APPDATA%\I2P目录)



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does that mean pakis maynt use any protocole apart http or https ? excuse me but you can even set an encrypted poxy or vpn via port:80 if there is a suitable dedicated intermediate between two peers, i think you would rather mean they tend to ban some softwares or tunnels, because the only way to impose a total rigorous censorship on the net is either, limit internet protocoles (and thats nt even unescaped), or being able to disambiguate any encrypted protocole and thats probably miraculous in face to some hard cryptosystems as ellyptic curve and elGamel etc

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