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Decoding Facebook invites !


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Hi !

Someone sant to me an invite on facebook on the one of my email addreesses.

As I can see it looks something like this:

/>http://www.facebook.com/r.php?invid=[NUMBER HERE]&key=AQA14oodIHqfQZ-jYWGKIXi09O3oQr18SQhLvinuOcDBeqMNZb1Ebjqn5bbL_LaIJV37DtbSv-TAdbQgOpCXKRVTC2Q

Is there any way to decode them ?

I want to know what the number means ?

What the key means ?

What is the relation between them ?

Until now, if I just click on it it redirect me to the facebooke profile of that guy and the key I suppose is my older email address because it apears automatically into textboxes.

So, it is possible that the number means a profile of someone and the key represent the email address of that one who you want to invite.

I want to know how the number is generated ?

and mostly of all:

How the key is generated ? What encryption algorithms it uses ?

The basic ideea is to invite myself puting my new email address. I want to invite myself into this guy profile and maybe adding me as friend into someone else profile (a girl for example :D ).

Thank you !

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Simply the number and the key is generated on the server of facebook using an unique algorithm.

This key and number is generated when someone invites you. This number and key is then used to verify the

correct person with proper message stored in there server with that key/number.

So in general words that key and number is unique identification number for unique invitation request.

And about the encryption algorithm, you can contact facebook. :teehee:

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