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how to clone a server?


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hey i am trying to clone a black ops server on ps3 using bactrack 4 and the social engineering toolkit . and then modify the servers source code so i can create my own private server. is this possible and if so can someome please guide me

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And how is this "Reversing / Debugging" related ?

because it is obtaining a servers source code and modifying it?

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Huh? That is absolutely nonsensical, it is nothing at all like 'modifying the source code' because the source code is not available. Either that post was a troll or simply made to increase post count, i'm sure of it.



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Let see:


Group: (Junior)

# Posts: 2

Maybe he just want to become "Full Member".

I do not know why I didn't deleted this topic - from the first place.


I wait a post from you.

Did you searched for some free open source code ?

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You probably can with backtrack, but to ask overthere Is the same like asking: Can you help me steal this or that.....? And that is one off he things you can't do there. Why don't you ask: I have a server can you help me clone it, it is mine? Lol. :confused: Don't hope they ask you too many details....!?

Or maybe a few private messages on backtrack forum? You might get lucky.

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