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[ CyberLock ] License System CrackMe Challenge

Shade Of Vengeance

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Hi, This is a simple crack me challenge protected by my own crafted packer, I don't know how hard is to break it but I assure you it's a good challenge.



Pro Mode : Break the license checking system and find the key, activate the program, It will give you a quote of a famous philosopher, post a screenshot from it here, Share your solution if possible.

God Mode : Crack the license checking system and patch it to accept any key as a valid key, Share the cracked file. Share your solution if possible.

If you need hint and more details about protector visit Authors Solution tab.


VirusTotal/SHA-256 : 76ac442b0596f4008ddebd54e2cbaa5e14c7bf1bcad33cdf8c9db025eb8bd719

MD5 Hash : dd51f0ded36e54241d3a8c14d6e49852

SHA-1 Hash : c19856e4a7b91ed6798d14003a8e981220e756c0

File Password : tuts4you



Good Luck!

- Closed Source -

Key is a AES256/Base64 and it is locked to each individual system.

Protection system is developed in C and C++ and a little bit of ASM64.

Application is not depend on any runtime, Just regular MSVC++ but if you faced runtime issues, Update your MSVC++ to 2019 Redistributable

A custom UPX packer used to pack the final program to add a compression layer to it, It has nothing to do with security.

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