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This file is protected with SecureVM - a new VM to protect your code (based on CawkVM modification).

You have to completely unpack the code in order to pass this challenge. Make sure your unpacked file should be able to run.

namespace TestCawkMod
	// Token: 0x02000002 RID: 2
	internal class Program
		// Token: 0x06000001 RID: 1 RVA: 0x00002050 File Offset: 0x00000250
		private static void Main(string[] args)
			int num = 3;
			Console.WriteLine("This is test {0}", num - 1);
  • Modifications of code to beat public unpackers.
  • The runtime is modified in such a way that the translation of method is not like the regular one.

  • Retrieving data from runtime is now hard because that is protected well. The core is also changed and pattern is different now and all previous work is changed. 

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