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ExeCryptor 2.xx Basic Unpacker v1.0

Teddy Rogers

About This File

Today I release a new created video and text tutorial with a new script. This time everything turns around ExeCryptor. It was not my intention and also unplanned to create a EC tutorial and script but the reason why I did it now was our member "antrobs" had trouble with EC for a very long time, so I just started and now I am finished.

Note 1: For all of you who are interested in how to handle EC manually they can check out the long "ExeCryptor Manually Unpack Tutorial" first. There you can see all the steps from A-Z about OEP | IAT | DUMPING | Problem find check & fix - all manually. The tutorial is very long and includes seven longer videos. Most of them are created in real-time with much tracings so it's no tutorial where I explain every single frame with text! The important parts can be read in the different created text files so it's no "newbie friendly" tutorial so keep this in your mind if you are a newbie or if you have no idea, you should have already some RCE prerequisites so that you can follow and understand my steps.

Note 2: For all other lazy guys they can watch the script video and can use the script to unpack EC targets after watching it.

Note 3: So I know there is already a great EC unpacker tool by RSI which you can use to get your EC files unpacked for most cases and the script is just an alternative which you can use if the EC unpacker tool failed or if you need some more detailed information about your target etc.

Like the name already says it's a "basic" version so also if you use it you will have to do some little steps manually [i] like CRC's & Ret patching's but no fear so all information and addresses will be created in an extra LogFile of each target, you just need to change some bytes later that's all and no big deal of course. In the single script video you can see three unpack - fix - other OS check examples, watch it once then you will know what your part is.

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