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Inx .NET Protector

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Hey, I just made my own protector. I modified my own version of ConfuserEx and improved it and made it stronger so I want to know if it is good or not? Please try to unpack it and tell me, thanks ♥

All Rights Reserved To Inx.


For example I improved anti-tamper and added anti-dump with it;

  • Improved control flow
  • Improved Anti Debug
  • Improved Invalid Meta Data
  • Improved Resources Protection
  • Improved Add Junk

Added New Protections;

  • Anti De4dot
  • Anti DnSpy
  • Anti Fiddler
  • Anti HTTP Debugger
  • Anti Virtual Machine
  • Anti Watermark
  • Calli Protection Fixed
  • Improved Constants Protection
  • Fake Attributes
  • Force Admin Privileges Protection
  • Integrity Protection
  • Module Flood
  • Module Properties Changer
  • Mutate Constants
  • Process Monitor Protection
  • Stack underflow
  • Erase Headers
  • Fake Native
  • Hide Calls
  • Hide Methods
  • Rename Module
  • MD5 Hash Check
  • Reduce Meta Data Confusion
  • Reference Proxy Protection
  • And More...

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