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NuMega SmartCheck 6.20 (Build 1286) RC 2

Teddy Rogers

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About This File

SmartCheck is a run-time debugging tool that addresses the most problematic conditions encountered by Visual Basic developers:

  • Fatal run-time errors that are cryptic and hard-to-solve
  • Problems that result from a sequence of events
  • Incorrect Windows API Usage from Visual Basic
  • Bad values passed to built-in Visual Basic functions
  • Problematic value coercions
  • Errors in components, such as ActiveX controls, used by your program

How SmartCheck Works

As you run a program (EXE), SmartCheck runs in the background monitoring it continuously, and capturing program events and errors. During program execution, you have the option to disable and enable event reporting at will. This allows you to capture information relevant to testing your program, while eliminating the overhead of unnecessary event reporting.

The information captured by SmartCheck can be viewed in a Program Results window, either during or after running a program. You can also save a session’s log file for later review.

SmartCheck automatically searches for errors in your program executable as well as the dynamic-link libraries (DLLs), third-party modules, and OLE components used by your program. It can also find errors in programs for which you do not have source code, though we recommend that you have source code with debugging information to maximize error detection and diagnosis.

SmartCheck checks all API calls, memory allocations and deallocations, Windows messages, and other significant program events for errors such as: 

  • Common memory errors, including memory overruns and memory leaks
  • Resource leaks, including Windows-specific handles
  • Windows-specific errors in Win32APIs, ODBC, DirectX, and COM/OLE APIs 

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cannot run setup win10 64. this utility have any successor?

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