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CleanupExEx 201.01

Teddy Rogers

About This File

CleanupExEx is a plugin for OllyDbg 2.XX. It's a new plugin BUT it's improving with a good idea from CleanupEx (by Gigapede and atom0s) to work on OllyDbg 2.XX. The plugin allows to delete OllyDbg data (*.UDD,*.BAK) into UDD directory.

Plugin isn't good but source code is OPEN (Delphi IDE). You can improve/add/modify code whenever as you like.

Why was "CleanupExEx" created? I found BUG in both plugins CleanupEx v2 and VicPlugIn2, both plugins weren't work on OllyDbg 2.01(G,H,I). So i decided to create my own plugin to do that.

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