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OllyDbg2FixeR 201.04

Teddy Rogers

About This File

OllyDbg2FixeR is a plugin for OllyDbg201(I). OllyDbg2FixeR allows you to fix OllyDbg assemble BUG when you press space/double-click on CALL/JUMP commands.

If you have chosen "Show Symbolic Addresses" in OllyDbg options, this BUG only decode by name of API/Label when it's exist.

You must be checked in "Fix Assemble" to Fix BUG or Uncheck if you want to "ReStore Assemble" as "default" of ollyDbg.

You can also ADD NEW PARAMETER by Manual for OllyDbg2FixeR to Patch OllyDbg2, include (ManualPatch, Address, OldByte NewByte, PatchLen, PatchTime)

ManualPatch must be = 1 (Flag to Enable)
PathTime must be valid.
Address[x] must be valid.
PatchLen[x] must be <= 1024 Byte.
OldByte[x] = Original Byte at adress.
NewByte[x] = New Byte to patch at address.
See "OllyDbg2FixeR.PNG" for more detail.

It's easy to fix SMALL BUG of OllyDbg automatic way when you run OllyDbg2 with OllyDbg2FixeR plugin.

What's New in Version 201.04   See changelog


+ OllyDbg2FixeR 201.04
  Date: 03.18.2014
    . Fix for installed plugin
+ OllyDbg2FixeR 201.03
  Date: 11.15.2013
    . Add "Open Config File"
    . Save patch config to OllyDbgFixeR.ini (easy for share your patch to everyone)
+ OllyDbg2FixeR 201.02
  Date: 10.23.2013(First Public)
    . Fix Assembe
    . Active ManualPatch
    . Run ManualPatch

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