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SwishDbgExt 3.0

Teddy Rogers

About This File

SwishDbgExt is a Microsoft WinDbg debugging extension that expands the set of available commands by Microsoft WinDbg, but also fixes and improves existing commands. This extension has been developed by Matt Suiche (@msuiche) – feel free to reach out on support@comae.io ask for more features, offer to contribute and/or report bugs.

SwishDbgExt aims at making life easier for kernel developers, troubleshooters and security experts with a series of debugging, incident response and memory forensics commands. Because SwishDbgExt is a WinDbg debugging extension, it means it can be used on local or remote kernel debugging session, live sessions generated by Microsoft LiveKd, but also on Microsoft crash dumps generated to a Blue Screen of Death or hybrid utilities such as Comae DumpIt.

What's New in Version 03/07/2020 06:46 AM   See changelog


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