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Writing Dynamic Unpackers for Fun with TitanEngine

Teddy Rogers

About This File

This tutorial will try to cover some of the functions included in TitanEngine SDK, dynamic, unpackers programming using TitanEngine SDK and FUU [F]aster niversal npacker.

First of all I would like to comment that this tutorial is going to be about a tool that I met a few years ago from a presentation in BlackHat 2009. Unfortunately I was not lucky enough to go to that conference but I could read the papers that were presented there, one of them took my attention in particular. It was about an SDK designed for File Analysis and Unpacking, called TitanEngine from the people of ReversingLabs among them there is aP0x, (A well known Reverser and author of the famous tool RLPack).

After we take a look of the Framework we're going to see a little tool that I made which core is based in this framework, I use that to develop unpackers in an easy and quickly way without worrying too much of the functions implementations like dumping, add a section to the binary, etc.; these are the things that the framework does for us.

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