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Unpacking with Anthracene

Teddy Rogers

About This File

Anthracene 01 - UPX 2.01w

  • What is a packer and what does it do
  • How can we identify a packer?
  • How we can unpack a simple packer like UPX
  • Why the dumped file will crash when we run it
  • What we can do to fix this problem by using ImpRec

Anthracene 02 - AsPack 2.12

  • How to unpack packers by using the ESP trick, theory

Anthracene 03 - ASProtect 1.20

  • Another example on how to unpack using the ESP trick
  • How and why to set Olly's exception passing options in order to unpack
  • Unpacking a program using the 'exception counting trick'
  • Tracing through the SEH of a protector in order to find the OEP
  • How to use some of the more advanced ImpRec features in order to rebuild imports that aren't fixed straight away.

Anthracene 04 - PolyEnE 0.01

  • No ESP trick, no exception counting - straight forward logical thinking!

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