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Understanding RVA and Import Tables

Teddy Rogers

About This File

After having finally understood the section table of a PE, I started to look at the Import Table. In the Import Table is stored which functions from which DLLs are used by the prog. So it's quite interesting but much more complicated than the section table because we have to use RVAs quite often. I will say some words about them before really starting examining the Import Table.
Tool needed is a hex editor (I use Hex WorkShop). I will describe Import Tables in general and after that we will test our knowledge with an example. You should also have some knowledge about PE file-format. I'm also a beginner so don't blame me if not everything is absolutely right. I just want to help other newbies in understanding the PE file-format. Instead I would be happy if someone would tell me what is wrong! Last word here: Sorry for my bad English, it's not my mother tongue! Ok, lets start.

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