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64-bit Imports Rebuilding and Unpacking

Teddy Rogers

About This File

With 64-bit packers and protectors being released, there is presently a growing need to create new tools to facilitate the manual unpacking process and to make it as trivial as it is now for protected 32-bit executables. I'm proposing two brand-new tools: CHimpREC and CHimpREC-64, allowing the spirit of ImpREC to live on under the best possible compatibility with all the x64 versions of the Windows operating system.

This talk is about explaining the inner-workings of coding a 32-bit imports rebuilder and the problems encountered due to the WoW64 environment and Address Space Layout Randomization. Next, is an overview of the differences between the PE and PE32+ formats and their impact on porting CHimpREC to 64-bit. Finally, 2 or 3 short live unpacking sessions with different examples of 64-bit packers and how trivial it has become to deal with them with the help of CHimpREC-64.

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