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Tuts 4 You

Fravias First Period: Reverse Engineering ("Reality Cracking") (1995 - 1999)

Teddy Rogers

About This File

My reader, this labyrinth of pages (you'll never be able to count them all) contains many teachings, and will help you gain knowledge that you will not find elsewhere. Please wander slowly inside: sip a good cocktail, take your time and explore at a leisurely pace. You'll find lessons on how to reverse engineer windows, dos, linux and palmtop programs, both in order to protect or to deprotect them (fairly easy, once you learn it); on how to search the Web using advanced techniques like 'combing' and 'klebing' (not so easy); on how to gain real information (pretty difficult), on how to track pseudoanonymous people on the web (fairly difficult), on how to protect your anonymity browsing the Web (quite difficult), on how to reverse the reality around you (very difficult), on how to destroy web sites you do not like (easy... given some conditions), on how to use (and detect) steganographical encryptions, on how to reverse or implement javascript based site protections, on how to annoy spammers, reverse web-agents, trap bots, write your own spiders and much more. I hope you'll enjoy this visit. Your critics and suggestions are welcome.

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This was the time I was active, did dongles and stuff, compare with now, that was easy, I did now the rocky4

and set on all the switches of the program flow. it is quite fun, attacking the dongle does not work well, emulating

is fun. I had the first computer in 1989 a dos, 20 Mb harddisk, yes these costs mony that time, and much more the

cd C:\ was not possible, are real tekst machine, not more. Hardisk was in that time 2160 gulden, for 20Mb.

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