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Fravias Second Period: Web Searching ("Search Lores") (2000 - 2009)

Teddy Rogers

About This File

I have opened my www.searchlores.org, in Oz, in February 2000. Searchlores seems fairly popular: I receive on my main site alone an average of (around) a million hits per month, without counting the (many) hits on mirrors like www.searchlore.org in the States (note the missing "s" after lore), or www.fravia.com in Europe, or the other existing ones.

As per 2004 some sections of searchlores - as you will notice - are still missing, in fieri or incomplete.
This section as well: chaotic and incomplete, its purpose should be to give an idea of the variety and richness of our searching techniques. Maybe all these introductions are useless, and you would be better served reading some small specific essays, like the seven searching snippets "Learning to transform questions into effective queries" that I wrote in 2003.

Please note that you will not find any advertisements whatsoever on my sites: no banners to click on, no sponsors to promote, nothing. I don't need your money: I need your own knowledge, I need your feedback. My only hope is that you will, one beautiful day, contribute yourself to the vast wealth of knowledge.

This site is continuously updated, see the "news" section for ad hoc listings.

Some part of this site are getting obsolete, though: you will have to learn how to evaluate the material you find on the web. One relatively 'ancient' section is this very introduction. In 2000 for instance, when searchlores began, google was still in its infancy and the search engine of choice was still altavista.
This does not mean that you should now only use google, teoma or fast (considered nowadays the best search engines): Smaller search engines, like hotbot can reserve interesting surprises, and offer the possibility to search through powerful advanced filters, which let you pinpoint precisely what you want: domain search, region search, language search, words to include and words to exclude and so on.

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