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Search & Replace Patch With Delphi ?

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Hi all,

this message is addressed to persons who have already made offset patchs with delphi and have eventually an idea or a source code of a "search & replace" patch coded in delphi language...

This was my first question. My second question is how to write a text in .txt file when we need to put it on the 3rd line or 4th line ?

Thanx in advance and forget about my english :rolleyes:

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You could assemble diablo's search and replace code and link it with your delphi code, have a look here:


You could also compile it into a dll instead and export the search and replace function, then extract the dll at runtime, dynamically load it and call the function, then delete the dll after. There are a few examples of how to do this floating around the forums i think.

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