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Post Count Resets Daily

Guest friedclams

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Guest friedclams

I'm curious to know why my post count resets daily to 1 ??

I have no warnings against me or any other offenses...

My post count should be over 30 but it resets daily

Is this a feature or a bug ??


a loyal follower

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Teddy Rogers

If you kept posting pointless posts like "thanks" and "great" continuously then one of the admins will probably have decreased your post count for each one of those posts.

While it is nice to post a thankyou message from time-to-time doing 10-15 in one login is a little over the top...


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Guest friedclams

I suppose I logged in one day and caught up with alot of reading and thanks posts but resetting me to 1 is kinda harsh when I was way over 10 in post count to begin with

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Don't spam the forum and you wont run into that problem.

There is abosolutely no need to post in every topic and for those who

do are just trying to get their post count up quick (b/c of forum rules)

and if your caught then decreases will happen as Ted pointed out.

that's just how it is.

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