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Owner Draw Button !.....highlight


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i have a bitmap image and i have a buttonover it......

and there is another bitmap over the button !

When the button(bitmap) is clicked a message box opens......!

When i click the button.....i want the button(bitmap) to get highlighted !

I have tried WM_CTLCOLORBN......but i dont get what i want !

How do i proceed with this !

Thanx in adavnce !

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There are at least 3 examples of button coding in the MASM package for bitmap and ownerdrawn buttons.

I've also attached an example of about 20 button styles all written in MASM.

Have fun.



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Thanx a lot Ziggy !

I wanted button Style B3......and its a bit crammed up in here !

I need only the part Mouseover button.....the button is lighted up when the mouse is overit !

Ziggy can you please explain only this button to me !

Thanx !

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starzboy, the code is there... dig into it and research it.

Its not that difficult.... you just need to play around. Try a few things and if you get nowhere, post some code with what you have managed so far.

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