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A Request !


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This is not a crack request....but a Code request *help !

My last request was unheard here at SnD ..... Wonder why.....i know there are many talented Coders in here !

Anyways ... .todays question is how do i transfer a file to the folder in which the exe was patched !

and how do i transfer values to registry !

Hope to get some help in here !

Thanks to FuDowarez,Whiterat and Napalm for the help !

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This all depends on programming language you want to use. But always, and always try to look into MS SDK for functions that might do the job for you. If you know how to use them, depends on your knowledge of programming. Just using APIs is pretty simple so with few examples it's easy to find your way.

I remembered that I gave one of my old host.sk accounts to PuNkDuDe long ago while he was still around and enthusiastic, and he was starting to make quite usefull library for crackers. Check it out at http://cdsbyte.host.sk. That should answer some of your questions...

Good luck

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If your using masm then just use CopyFile


invoke CopyFile,ADDR OriginalFile,ADDR CopiedFile,FALSE

Didnt quite understand what you mean about the directories, im guessing you mean to select the exe to patch and then copy a file to the same location?

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@b4d_s3c70r .... ty friend.....i will just check out the site !

@Whiterat ..... you got it...thats what i was looking for !

Thnx all !

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