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Tiny Xm Player Library For Win32...

Teddy Rogers

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Teddy Rogers

Tiny XM player library for Win32 and Linux / BSD (i386) written in assembly language. Perfect for size-critical applications (such as intros), click free, highly reliable, open source. Examples available for most popular compilers (Visual C++, Visual Basic, PureBasic, Delphi, MASM32, FASM, NASM and TASM).



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Yeah I definitely recommend this - have been using it for some time. Its under active development by Aster!x & Quantum and just keeps getting better. I used it in my Win32 Asm for Crackers tut for anyone looking for more examples.

They have added more functionality - like ability to fade in and out the music and it now comes in static library (.lib) and object module (.obj) forms and can be recompiled from source to a tiny stripped down version individually tailored to playing the xm file in your app.

Thanks to the developers.

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uFmod 1.22

Jump2Pattern feature, minor bugfixes, new examples,
a more detailed API reference and documentation.Changes:
---------[*] DirectX uFMOD_PlaySong API changed. Now it returns
-1 on error. It is still a valid HRESULT, so you
probably don't need to update your existing code.
We had to make this change to fix a little
reliability issue.
[+] Featuring a new API function:
This feature was requested by Kim (aka norki).
uFMOD_Jump2Pattern is useful for merging various
XM tracks into a single XM file and playing them
interactively. Since you can share the instruments
among various tracks, this new feature can
significantly reduce the file size. All tracks are
loaded at the same time, so switching from one
track to another is very quick.
[*] Size optimization. play_ds.exe is only 15 Kb now!Examples
--------[+] Added FreePascal usage examples.
[+] Added another C\WINMM example showing how to use the
Jump2Pattern feature.
[+] Added a C\OPENAL example showing how to use the
OpenAL uFMOD library without linking directly to
OPENAL32.DLL. The same method should work for many
other compilers as well.
[+] Added complete and up-to-date DirectSound and
OpenAL modules/units/headers for various
compilers, lacking them in the official SDKs:
You can use them not only with uFMOD.
[+] Added OpenAL examples for other compilers as well.
[*] Documentation and API references for various
compilers SIGNIFICANTLY updated. Hope it's
detailed enough this time;)Tools
-----[+] Eff is able to generate hex dumps in RCDATA format.
[*] Minor bugfixes in XMStrip.]


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