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Log On Problems


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Why do I get the following messsage when I try to visit the forum:

Fatal error: Call to undefined method skin_boards_9::rand5_list_top() in /mnt/w0506/d18/s20/b022d50b/www/forum/sources/action_public/boards.php on line 516

It there something I have done wrong??

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Teddy Rogers

Sorry about that folks, my bad. There was a problem with some skins but I updated them so this issue should now be resolved. I added the 5 random gallery images at the bottom of the forum index but I only updated the default skin to support this and completely forgot about the remaining skins.

As a side note, I deleted the World of Warcraft skins because a few things were amiss with them that I didn't like to support them any longer on the forum. I'll take a look at some new interesting skins to add to the forum sometime in the future...


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  • 1 year later...

I'm having trouble loggin in the main tuts4you site, I got the activation email and clicked the activation link but I don't think it went through. Tried to resend activation email and it says "That username/email address was not found in database."

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I am presuming your username will be the same as your screen name here, dustyh1981?

I checked against that name and it seems that you are not even in the user database, you are not even listed as an unvalidated member :dunno:

Try to register again, if you continue to have problems send me an email and I will look in to it further...


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