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Guest DarkDragon

i wanna start learning these languages: ASM, C , C++ , Java.

What's the best way to start ? can you share with us your experience ? How did you start, yor schedule, the problems you faced, how did you bypassed 'em, how much did it took for you to learn ?

Especially, links to free referencing ebooks, or if you've some free ones spidering in your HD, share 'em with us please !!

Thank you allllllllllll in advance !


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i wanna start learning these languages: ASM, C , C++ , Java....

If you're serious imo you would be better looking for some good programming dedicated forums, the bits and pieces you pick up on this type of forum are better suited to someone already experienced in coding to some extent and will not be enough to make you a capable coder.

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Learn one at a time, id recommend getting the books by Deitel and Deitel, very good if you?ve never programmed before, and don?t forget Pascal is a powerful language and is aimed to teach you how to program (I don?t mean Delphi either but Turbo Pascal).

When I was in collage my C teacher said 'when you can program fluently in one language you should be able to pick up other languages easily'

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When you are good enough in one language, you can easily switch to another, the most difficult thing is Syntax which changes from one langauge to another. Personally I began with Pascal (very efficient and elementary programming language "my respect :thumbsup: " ) and after two years in Pascal I switched to Delphi cause they have approximately same syntax. You can choose any high level programming langauge you want but personnaly I recommend Pascal. Also C --> ASM is a good way to follow.


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You should probaby learn C++. If you know C++, especially OOP, you will know Java. Thats about all you'll need for rest. Most languages are C-like.

For C++ you can look for freeware book "Thinking in C++" by Bruce Eckel. He has a site and has put the book up for download.

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